Saturday, 25 January 2014

Opposite Day

Today was Opposite Day! It is a fictional holiday as we all know, is celebrated on January 25th, where you act the opposite of how you are on a normal day, and I, don't do much on any kind of day. I did all the things I wouldn't really do, or really like, on a sunny Saturday, like...

  • Wash the dishes countless times!
  • Hold a fish, and then find out it has teeth, and get bitten, though it's dead.
  • Find out Dad won the Cricket tournament, but lose the other two tournaments
  • Having Mum and Abbie stay home instead of go with Dad, and do all the chores Mum does to keep the house clean
  • Keep the house clean
  • Turn the TV off for once, during the day
  • Talk about my Uncle's Party, in 3 PARTS
  • Clean the garage!

Honestly, I wouldn't clean the garage, with its rubbish, smelly shoes, rotten fruits, old stuff, suitcases, more rubbish, and mirrors. I also felt a really great feeling. So great, it made me do all this, which I wouldn't want/like to do, hear, see, and feel.

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