Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Lost Blogpost: Part One: My Uncle's Party

Today I was thinking what I could blog about, and then a little memory came up, and it was about my uncle's, or in this case, Junior's birthday, though when we partied on April 28th, his actual birthday was on the 25th, which was also Anzac Day, that one of the reasons why to party on a Saturday. Anyway, it all started on a very cloudy day...

It was Saturday, 28th of April, 2013. The sun was covered, the grass was almost wet by the morning rain, and someone had an idea of having a party, I just didn't know because it was one of Junior's friends. 

My Dad's friends came in to put up a gazebo, though I kept on calling it a "tent". It turned out big. Abbie kept running in and out. After a few minutes, Junior's girlfriend came with her friends to do the rest, like the food, the tables, the balloons, the candles, and the guests. 

Wow, who ever knew three women, and plus some other people (Mum, Dad, Dad's friends) would plan something and build it in one day? 

The party started, and there were lots of Junior's friends came, and the three woman changed into their dresses very quickly, the news was on, and the birthday "man" came just in time. Lasers blasted, strobes lights lit the gazebo, fake smoke was rising! The party was on fire (get it? with the fake smoke?). 

"I need to buy something." Mum said, as she was leaving for the shops. After seeing a shirtless friend of Dad's dance on the grass, making my sister cough, getting my Dad some drinks (don't worry, it was L&P), talking to the DJ of the party, talking to people about my height, choking on a marshmallow, and admiring the chocolate birthday cake, everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Junior, and at that moment, the "Shirtless Friend" said to me and Abbie, "Kids.....Enjoy." Some people were looking, with that kind of straight face.   

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