Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tournament Day....for my Dad

Dear Blog,

Today was the day where my dad would go for a "Tournament". He had always done ever since I could remember, though Mum would usually come, but this time, she stayed. Dad practised with me two days before, and he was good, where as I, kept losing. He went off early in the morning with my Uncle Junior, and he was gone ever since.

A few hours later, my dad's friend came, explaining to me that he caught fish and wants to give it to him. Here's the weird part that went through my mind, how could I understand him when he's speaking Samoan? Easy. Imagine this:

A friend of your father comes up to your door, speaking a language, and you don't know what they're saying, but, they are holding a chilly bin with fish in it, and speaking in the tone of a question. Get it?

I got the 2 fish and placed it in a plastic, and when no one was around, I played with one of them, trying to make it talk, and then I realised it had TEETH! I know, everyone knows fish have teeth, but no one told ME.

Exactly at 3:11PM, he came back, saying to me, "Put these bats away". The bats were different to the ones I usually saw. They looked like big, thick wood with some decoration on them.

I walked out of the garage and blinked. A moment later, some McDonald's were in my hands. I said "Your friend came to give some fish." and he looked pleased. He went out after saying he was going back before I could ask, "So how was cricket?".

This all happened in under a minute, so that meant that the clock showed 3:12 on it. Amazing what could happen in a minute.

UPDATE 11:04:


Touch Games: 
Dad's team lost

Volleyball Games: 
Dad's tem lost


Cricket Games:
Dad's team won 4 games, now the Champions! Now they can't be beaten! Dad is now a very pleased man now, and part of the winnings are because of me, maybe. I was helping him practice for cricket.

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