Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Visit to Grandma...

My Grandma's picture in the year 2008
Today, my family went to visit my Grandma (or, my dad's mum). She's 84, and it's still weird that she doesn't have that much grey hair.

Okay, last time, on New Years, she was already booked for something else, but this time, we all knew it was going to be good. It all started with one wake up call. I had a glob of toothpaste on my forehead, and thank goodness that was off.

After showering, and putting on my good clothes, we went off, zooming through the roads and motorways. It seemed like an hour before we came there. Next, we went inside, and I said to my sister before she ran of the driveway, "Abbie, get off there, a car will come. You never know.". I thought I was joking, until right after saying that, a car actually came! Luckily we went inside on time. The door was open, we went through, the other door that leads you to the room where the senior citizens were at was open, and we went through.

We walked through the same way we would walk to my Grandma's room, but instead, we turned left, into a room that looked like a living room, obviously because there was a Sky TV there. Sport. Dang it. Anyways, I looked at my Grandma, lying down, speaking Samoan, and imagine me, nodding my head most of time, smiling, even though I don't know what she said, except for one thing, "No going school", something like that. She was right. No school still, just less than 2 weeks to go, hint hint. We all kissed her, massaged her, talked to her, and then said goodbye.

Abbie got a head start to the car, also taking a balloon with her. While outside, me and my siblings sat on a bench, the ones that look like park benches, with that rubbish bin that hasn't left its spot. Though it hasn't changed a bit, when Martin and Abbie came to sit down, the bench sort of, "lowered", why? They were both heavy. In the car and we went to celebrate by eating Pork Buns and Mountain Dew.

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