Monday, 27 January 2014

The End of the Holidays

Ah, here we go again, the end of the holidays, with only 19 hours left until I leave the house to go to school for the first term of 2014. It has been good, not spectacular, since I did a lot of events, like visit my Grandma, who's 84, had my sister's birthday, some stuff happened, and many more.

The posts that start with "Holiday Post #..." are obviously made in the holidays, where some other posts are normal titles, since the holidays were and are nearly over. Luckily, I get to see my friends again, though, some of them say they are going to move to another country, many say they're going to Australia.

Also, the weather for Tuesday 28, January says it's going to be sunny! Yay! So good for a first day of school.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Opposite Day

Today was Opposite Day! It is a fictional holiday as we all know, is celebrated on January 25th, where you act the opposite of how you are on a normal day, and I, don't do much on any kind of day. I did all the things I wouldn't really do, or really like, on a sunny Saturday, like...

  • Wash the dishes countless times!
  • Hold a fish, and then find out it has teeth, and get bitten, though it's dead.
  • Find out Dad won the Cricket tournament, but lose the other two tournaments
  • Having Mum and Abbie stay home instead of go with Dad, and do all the chores Mum does to keep the house clean
  • Keep the house clean
  • Turn the TV off for once, during the day
  • Talk about my Uncle's Party, in 3 PARTS
  • Clean the garage!

Honestly, I wouldn't clean the garage, with its rubbish, smelly shoes, rotten fruits, old stuff, suitcases, more rubbish, and mirrors. I also felt a really great feeling. So great, it made me do all this, which I wouldn't want/like to do, hear, see, and feel.

The Lost Blogpost: Part Three: My Uncle's Gone

Here's the last part of the lost blogpost I haven't mentioned about for the past 7 months. I was at the part where I was sleeping, that's right...

I was sleeping just after the party. Few hours later, almost at 5AM, I start to get a blocked nose. I didn't know why, but I had to stop it. I always had a fear of having blocked noses during sleep, because then you'd have trouble while breathing through your nose. My vision was hazy when I stepped out of bed and walked across the hallway, but I could see one thing. Light. 

The light from the television. "Who watches TV at this time of night?" I thought. "Junior.", I guess. I tip-toed down my way through, but since my vision was hazy, I miss a step, causing me to fall, but luckily I caught the rail at the side of the stairs. Finally, I reach downstairs. I look at my left. Wierd. It's not Junior. It was just Leneh and her friends in the living room. I couldn't tell if they were looking at me or not, so I kept walking to the medicine box, where I find a Vicks. "Yes!" I say. 

Back up the stairs I went. Banged a toe. Ouch. Quickly, I go in the bedroom, turn on the light, sit on the side of the bed, open the Vicks lid, take a fingerful of the cream, touch my nostrils and...."Ooohhh......" I say in a quiet, weird, voice. I quickly go downstairs, put the Vicks back, and go back up to sleep.

The next morning, I did the usual, brush teeth, wash face, go downstairs, but then I saw Leneh and her friends clean up some rubbish outside. Abbie goes to help, but I found what I wanted ever since last night....the birthday cake. No one was looking, and I had only one chance, so I did it. I eat the cake like a lion. "Haha! Yes!" I thought, but a question goes by at each bite, "Where's Junior?". I ask Dad. Then the heartbreaking words came in...

"Junior's gone..."

"What! How?" I complain. "He went early this morning, before 4:30, maybe." added Dad. My jaw opens. "I woke up before 5!" I say. "Did you say goodbye to him?" Dad asked, "No, I think I woke up after he went." I reply. Dad laughs. It was funny, in a way. I ate some very hard chips Leneh gave me, well, Abbie took it then I took it from her. After cleaning up Juniors room, Leneh and her friends go off. All there is left is just the tent, I mean, gazebo. "So...what happened at the party while I was inside?" I asked Dad, "Nothing much, except this girl tried to climb the tree." Dad replied.

The Lost Blogpost: Part Two: My Uncle's Interconnected Events

Here's part two of the lost blogpost I forgot to blog about during the holidays. This part will tell the parts of each family member. Now where was I... Oh, yes, the silence... This story starts with me, obviously.

Me: Blue
Mum: Orange
Dad: Red
Martin: Green
Abbie: Purple

Setting: At home, the silence ends, with the noise reaching high. Dad sits down. Mum is coming back home, I sit down as well to eat. Abbie stares at Junior's friend and the clock shows 22:13. Martin's head pops out. 22:14. I daydream about having some cake. 22:15. I look at the chips and a dip. 22:15:45. I think about it. 22:15:50. I haven't had a chip in a dip ever since...ever. 22:15:55. I take the chip and dip and then...


Willy (me)  22:16 - 22:29 PM
I just had my first chip in a dip. Dad tells me to go inside the house to find a jumper, since it's cold. While upstairs, I see a sad Martin look away from a window in my dark room. I hear only a little bit of conversation between Junior and Dad. It was about Martin coming out. I go downstairs when Mum arrives. She looks happy with a big, brown key, until I point out a problem. I go outside with Mum, where she starts to take videos and pictures. Dad asks me for a drink near the back of the party. While there, I see ANOTHER dancing friend of Dad's. After that, I see Abbie cry a little when she is held back from the food, who held her? Mum. I go to Dad to tell him, "There's no drinks left.". He thinks for a moment, then goes back to his friends.

Mum 22:24 - 22:34 PM
Mum comes into the driveway, even though the street's halfway full. She gets the key she gave Junior's girlfriend earlier. It had good messages for Junior, some about having a good life as an adult. I come downstairs and looked at the front of the key and noticed that the picture of Junior, isn't Junior. Instead, it's just a random guy smiling. "I'll fix it later." she says. After, we both go outside, hearing laughter, and with Mum with the camera, she took photos and videos, including one where a friend of Dad starts dancing near the gazebo. After taping, Mum sees Abbie smiling, looking at the party. She runs to Abbie to stop her, and succeeds. Abbie cries a little. When Abbie settles down, Mum goes to sit down and starts a conversation with another Mum.

Dad 22:15 - 22:29 PM
Dad stands up to his friends, starting to tell jokes to each other. He asks me to get a jumper. While I'm up in my room, Dad sees Martin look at him, but a second later, Martin looks inside, and Dad starts to worry. He goes to Junior to ask if Martin can come out. "No." explained Junior. When I came outside with Mum, Dad and friends were laughing and guffawing. Dad asks me to get a drink. Then, another friend, who I will call Dave for privacy reasons, dances to the dubstep music. He danced like no one was looking, despite nearly everyone looking, and being caught on camera. I finally came back to Dad and informed him that there was no drinks left. He thinks then goes to his friends.

Martin 22:13 - 22:22 PM
I see Martin's head pop out of our bedroom window. He looks sad, but tries to look happy, since we're all having a great time. I eat my chip and Dad tells me to get a jumper. It's coldInside the bedroom, it was dark and scary. How do I know? I went in there. He looked away from the window, and he looked sad, staring down on his bed. I heard a conversation over the music outside. Dad and Junior start to discuss if they would let Martin outside. They say no. I knew why.

Abbie 22:16 - 22:27 PM
Abbie stared at the fella for a short time. She eats some chips with some sour cream dip with the friend of Junior's. She eats too much, so she laughs loudly, making the friend walk away. She hears and sees Dad telling me to find a jumper. She stays still, not standing up. After, when I come out and find Dad a drink, she smiles when she looks at the untouched food. She runs toward it but then is held back by Mum. She cries a little, and a couple people look. She keeps crying when she sits down, but amazingly stops.

After 12:00 AM
Abbie and Martin are still awake. I'm tired. Actually, no one is tired but me. Must be the music.

After 1:00 AM

Still, no one going, Abbie went upstairs now, crying because of the cake. At least I got a piece, well, not really.

After 2:00 AM

Abbie is finally asleep, so is Martin. I go down and the party ends. Sad. I didn't get a piece of cake. That was not a piece of cake. At least I can get some sleep. Ew! my nose starts to get runny. Lucky no one noticed.

The Lost Blogpost: Part One: My Uncle's Party

Today I was thinking what I could blog about, and then a little memory came up, and it was about my uncle's, or in this case, Junior's birthday, though when we partied on April 28th, his actual birthday was on the 25th, which was also Anzac Day, that one of the reasons why to party on a Saturday. Anyway, it all started on a very cloudy day...

It was Saturday, 28th of April, 2013. The sun was covered, the grass was almost wet by the morning rain, and someone had an idea of having a party, I just didn't know because it was one of Junior's friends. 

My Dad's friends came in to put up a gazebo, though I kept on calling it a "tent". It turned out big. Abbie kept running in and out. After a few minutes, Junior's girlfriend came with her friends to do the rest, like the food, the tables, the balloons, the candles, and the guests. 

Wow, who ever knew three women, and plus some other people (Mum, Dad, Dad's friends) would plan something and build it in one day? 

The party started, and there were lots of Junior's friends came, and the three woman changed into their dresses very quickly, the news was on, and the birthday "man" came just in time. Lasers blasted, strobes lights lit the gazebo, fake smoke was rising! The party was on fire (get it? with the fake smoke?). 

"I need to buy something." Mum said, as she was leaving for the shops. After seeing a shirtless friend of Dad's dance on the grass, making my sister cough, getting my Dad some drinks (don't worry, it was L&P), talking to the DJ of the party, talking to people about my height, choking on a marshmallow, and admiring the chocolate birthday cake, everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Junior, and at that moment, the "Shirtless Friend" said to me and Abbie, "Kids.....Enjoy." Some people were looking, with that kind of straight face.   

Tournament Day....for my Dad

Dear Blog,

Today was the day where my dad would go for a "Tournament". He had always done ever since I could remember, though Mum would usually come, but this time, she stayed. Dad practised with me two days before, and he was good, where as I, kept losing. He went off early in the morning with my Uncle Junior, and he was gone ever since.

A few hours later, my dad's friend came, explaining to me that he caught fish and wants to give it to him. Here's the weird part that went through my mind, how could I understand him when he's speaking Samoan? Easy. Imagine this:

A friend of your father comes up to your door, speaking a language, and you don't know what they're saying, but, they are holding a chilly bin with fish in it, and speaking in the tone of a question. Get it?

I got the 2 fish and placed it in a plastic, and when no one was around, I played with one of them, trying to make it talk, and then I realised it had TEETH! I know, everyone knows fish have teeth, but no one told ME.

Exactly at 3:11PM, he came back, saying to me, "Put these bats away". The bats were different to the ones I usually saw. They looked like big, thick wood with some decoration on them.

I walked out of the garage and blinked. A moment later, some McDonald's were in my hands. I said "Your friend came to give some fish." and he looked pleased. He went out after saying he was going back before I could ask, "So how was cricket?".

This all happened in under a minute, so that meant that the clock showed 3:12 on it. Amazing what could happen in a minute.

UPDATE 11:04:


Touch Games: 
Dad's team lost

Volleyball Games: 
Dad's tem lost


Cricket Games:
Dad's team won 4 games, now the Champions! Now they can't be beaten! Dad is now a very pleased man now, and part of the winnings are because of me, maybe. I was helping him practice for cricket.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Banana & Bran Muffins Recipe

Banana & Bran Muffins Recipe
Makes 24


- Sieve
- Muffin trays/Muffin cups
- 2 bowls


- 2 cups of flour
- 1 tablespoon baking powder
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
- 1/2 cup brown sugar
- 1 cup of bran
- 3 eggs
- 1/2 cup canola
- 1 cup of reduced fat milk
- 1 cup of mashed banana


1. First, preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius
2. Next, lightly oil muffin trays or line with paper muffin cups
3. After, lift flour, baking flour and baking soda into mixing bowl
4. Stir in brown and bran
5. In another bowl beat the eggs
6. Add the oil, milk and banana and mix thoroughly
7. Pour the liquid mixture into the flour mixture and stir together
just to mix - do not beat
8. Place spoonfuls into muffin cups
9. Finally, bake in oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 10-12 minutes
10. Enjoy!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Phone Blogpost: My Sister's New Bike

My sister got a bike. If you take a look closer,

Now look at my bike....

At least she can learn at an early age, while as for me...I've now got started, again.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Visit to Grandma...

My Grandma's picture in the year 2008
Today, my family went to visit my Grandma (or, my dad's mum). She's 84, and it's still weird that she doesn't have that much grey hair.

Okay, last time, on New Years, she was already booked for something else, but this time, we all knew it was going to be good. It all started with one wake up call. I had a glob of toothpaste on my forehead, and thank goodness that was off.

After showering, and putting on my good clothes, we went off, zooming through the roads and motorways. It seemed like an hour before we came there. Next, we went inside, and I said to my sister before she ran of the driveway, "Abbie, get off there, a car will come. You never know.". I thought I was joking, until right after saying that, a car actually came! Luckily we went inside on time. The door was open, we went through, the other door that leads you to the room where the senior citizens were at was open, and we went through.

We walked through the same way we would walk to my Grandma's room, but instead, we turned left, into a room that looked like a living room, obviously because there was a Sky TV there. Sport. Dang it. Anyways, I looked at my Grandma, lying down, speaking Samoan, and imagine me, nodding my head most of time, smiling, even though I don't know what she said, except for one thing, "No going school", something like that. She was right. No school still, just less than 2 weeks to go, hint hint. We all kissed her, massaged her, talked to her, and then said goodbye.

Abbie got a head start to the car, also taking a balloon with her. While outside, me and my siblings sat on a bench, the ones that look like park benches, with that rubbish bin that hasn't left its spot. Though it hasn't changed a bit, when Martin and Abbie came to sit down, the bench sort of, "lowered", why? They were both heavy. In the car and we went to celebrate by eating Pork Buns and Mountain Dew.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Holiday Post #13: Holi

This is the weirdest thing that has happened to me on Sumdog, yet...

At the end of playing Holi, the scores were amazing! 62, 63, and 64! I came second, and that was because I haven't played it in a while. I was practicing my subtraction facts.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Holiday Post #12: New Years 2014

Holiday Post #11: New Year's Traditions: Underwear

The underwear colours below determines your year's outlook:

YELLOW means a year of prosperity, wealth and success. 

RED means a year full of passion and romance. 

PINK means a year of luck in love.

WHITE means a year of peace, harmony and happiness. 

BLUE means a year of good health. 

GREEN means a year of better luck.

Holiday Post #10: Happy 2014!

Happy New Years Day, everyone!!!