Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Holiday Post #8: New Years Superstitions

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As we all know, New Years 2014 is just around the corner. There’s many things you can do to celebrate, like see the fireworks display in Auckland City, and if you’re in New York, you could welcome the New Year in Times Square. There are also some things people do, and they are called “superstitions”. Here some of them:

  • Crying:
According to superstition, it says that you shouldn’t cry on New Years Day. Why?
It is because if you do, you could bring unhappiness throughout the new year.

  • Laundry:
Don’t try to do your laundry on the New Year. It is told that if you do, it “washes away” an important relative in the family, that means, someone important will pass away. I learnt that the hard way. This one time, in January 1st this year, we did the laundry, then later on in the year, some of the most important family relatives passed away. Strangest thing though, not many people know how this superstition came.

  • New Clothing:
People believe that if you wear different/new clothing, you could be getting more new clothing during the year. It could get more better if you wore red clothing, as it is considered as a happy colour, and, it could attract you a brighter future.

  • Noise:
It is said the evil spirits hate loud noise, so try to bring in the New Year by making some noise, not only for celebrating, but also scaring away the evil spirits. Church bells ring at weddings for the same reason.

Happy New Years to all!



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