Friday, 15 November 2013

Waves Of Fury

Waving at beach,
lapping at shore
Cannot contain
itself anymore.

Thunderous bolts
fly overhead.
Pretty display
but not be mislead.

Sky opens up,
Down falls heavy rain.
There seems no hope
for calmness again.

And in the middle 
a ship does fall,
pulling down captain
shipmates and all.

Word left unspoken 
by ones that have died
slowly are said
by the unruly tide.

The piers on the edge
once, tall, strong and high -
down on the bottom
silently lie.

As the sea lies down,
stable and flat,
great clouds arrive
where waves once sat.

Oceans hold beauty
that captures its prey,
still by night,
yet roaring b day.

Some say they rule it.
Some disagree.
But one thing's for sure -
the sea's captured me.

By Nicole Taber (11 years old)

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