Friday, 8 November 2013

My Writing Today

In the olden days, there was a mythical village named Waikikamukau. People roamed the streets at 6:00am and went out at some point at 6:00pm. Straight. There were big, tall, buildings that were a million storeys high. Cars were old-fashioned, all polished and clean. Everyone wore colourful clothing, even shoes. Although, some villagers wore black and white. There was also people who predicted the future. Like floods filling the streets, earthquakes separating the buildings, and tornados destroying the homes. Luckily, no one believed them.

One moon night, the giant moon rose on the horizon, Making the night blue. A festival happened near the main village, Faliti. Bonfires were made, for cooking pigs and other dead animals, people were talking about stuff, and everyone was happy. Except for one future-predictor (or meron).

“The moon will crack open!” yelled the Meron to the people, interrupting the fire display. “The moon will reach the Earth!”  rumored the Meron. The people murmured something to the Meron. “What an idiot!” said a villager. “Wrong!” announced another. “Please! Believe me!” repeated the Meron, over and over again, and then the people stared at him. What did they do? They arrested the Meron, sending him to a cell, where the people throw food at the “prisoner”.

“Hooray!” yelled the villagers, excitedly, but, their celebrations lasted for a short amount of time. Suddenly, a big rumble shook the villagers, shaking the food, and furniture. Some people looked up to the sky, gasping. “The Moon!” people yell out. The moon falls apart like a cookie. Boom! A big chunk of the blue moon comes closer to the Earth. “The Meron was right!” announced the chief. “Run for your lives, everyone!” he said more.

“Let me out!” yelled the Meron, “Don’t leave me behind!”. So many people came through like a pack of elephants. The crowd made many destruction, it destroyed the gaol the Meron was trapped in. He yelled out to the people on a small hut. “People! People! Run for shelter!” he announced. Everyone was just in time to come into shelter, just when the moon reached the earth. BOOM! CRASH! The village is in ruins. Buildings are gone, houses burnt down, but no one was dead. All saved by the Meron. The chief went to honour him as the next chief of a new village.


Nesbert said...

Waikikamukau That funny Hahahaha

Quitah said...

Hey Willy

I really like the way you made you story look real.
I thought that your story was amazing about waikikamukau.

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