Monday, 25 November 2013

My 300th Blogpost!

Hello. This is my 300th blogpost. It has been a while since my 200th blogpost. It feels like it was a term ago, which it was! I hope you visitors all come onto my blog and check out all of my learning. It has been very fun blogging over the year. Thank you. ;)

I did not realise I had to write the blogpost 
like this, instead...

This was the first time I wrote something like this


Mrs Manuyag said...

WOW! Willy, you are such a superstar!! Well done you!!

Ms Hansell said...

Willy - you are a TPS STAR!!! We absolutely respect with admiration, your ability to post quality blog postings. You are a leader in this for our students. When new teachers come into our school, or we host visitors during Manaiakalani Showcases - we use you as a model student - Tino pai rawa
Ms Hansell

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