Thursday, 31 October 2013

My Writing Today

One time, there was a local boy named Jacob. He’d always wore good clothing, like colourful clothes. He lived in the Auckland suburb of St Heliers. He had to watch the house after his parents went to visit someone important. The morning sun was glowing across the fields, and many people were happy. The wind was hitting the trees gently, and the birds were singing through the skies. Jacob would always say “Hi!” to his neighbours nicely, and after, walk through the neighbourhood. He went back inside to watch the news at noon.

As he was about to sit down, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake came without warning. “Whoa!” said Jacob. During the news, an unexpected report came up into view. “Warning: A new volcano is about to erupt!” announced the reporter. Jacob’s heart started beating like a drum. He went near a sliding door, and saw nothing, he looked the second time, and he saw a terrible sight. Boom. Something strange came up from the ocean near the Rangitoto mountain. He went outside. The T.V turned off suddenly. Windows cracked from the loud roar of the volcano, rising. He saw people panicking, and running through the streets. Then, ash came up, with smoke rising up. Pieces of rock flew into the water. “Oh my gosh!” exclaimed Jacob. “Get down here, kid!” said a man in a business suit, yelling everyone to come but Jacob was frozen with fear. The ash started to come to land.

“I should stay inside.” suggested Jacob, as he stumbled back inside. He closed the curtains, shut the windows, locked the doors, changed his clothes, and wore a face mask. He looked outside. The ash came closer and closer, pushing the water closer to the shore. The street was empty, like a ghost town. All Jacob heard were the sounds of the volcano, cracking more windows, and the sound of others running for their lives. The time has came, the lights turned off, and the ash reached the homes.

Darkness. Jacob stayed quiet for a long time. It became dark for about 3 minutes. As he counted the seconds of that 3 minutes, amazingly, time went by, quickly. He opened his eyes, and he looked at the television. It went back on suddenly. He opened the curtain on the sliding door to see something more horrible. He wouldn’t believe his eyes to know he lived through such a catastrophic disaster. He heard the sound of fire trucks passing by, taking down big fires. The waters were polluted with ash, all black. The skies were dark, too. Clouds filled up the sky, all grey and black. Houses were burnt down, showing rooms. The only thing he saw that was in colour, was the new volcano being born.

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