Friday, 23 August 2013

My Essay About "Voices In the Park".

My essay is about ‘Voices in the Park’ which is a picture book by Anthony Browne. Anthony Browne writes lots of children books which have very interesting pictures in them with hidden clues and meanings. I am going to discuss some of his writing skills.

Anthony Browne uses different types of fonts and colours. He uses them to show the characters personality. For example, the happy girl in the story has smudges in her fonts, and it is all messy. This is to show that she is active and likes to get messy. Another example is Charles, who is neat - always smart and dressed properly, and his writing shows this because it is calm and neat.

Anthony Browne hides clues in his pictures. He uses this skill to show the feelings and emotions of his characters. For example, the picture of the two dogs running through the statues of the children’s parents show that the parents will never change. What he is inferring is that the parents are like stone which means they will never change, and their children are like the dogs because they were running around, having fun but not thinking about what their parents thought of them.

Anthony Browne uses different colours in his pictures. He uses different colours to show how the character sees the setting. For example, when Charles, the little boy is in his house, the room has very dark colours inside, but outside the house, it has light colours. This is to show that inside Charles he is sad because he feels pressured by lots of expectations from his mother. But outside he can see happiness and that’s where he wants to be.

This essay has discussed some of the skills that Anthony Browne has used in ‘Voices in the Park.’ I think that he is a very creative guy who has very interesting books to read, because he makes the pictures the focus instead of his writing. I think people should read more of his books because he is a great writer and his pictures are amazing.

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