Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Inspiring Person Poem.

Jeanne d'Arc - a poem by Willy

Justified from some people at first.
Everyone thought she was a witch.
A King (King Charles VII) ordered the execution of Jeanne d’Arc.
No one thought that she received signs from God.
Nowadays, she is a Saint and has statues around France.
Everything changed when Pope Callixtus III declared that Joan of Arc was innocent.

As declared innocent, Jeanne d’Arc was remembered by people in France.
Remembered as a person who joined and helped win a war.
Called nowadays, Saint Joan Of Arc, The Maid of Orleans, and Jeanne d’Arc.

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Mrs Manuyag said...

What a fabulous poem Willy! This is a great way to show your learning about Joan of Arc! Well done for writing your information in a way that follows a timeline of her life!

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