Thursday, 18 April 2013

Marble Jar Activity - Milkshakes

On Friday, my class was in for a treat because of their outstanding behaviour, and because they have filled up their marble jar. Right after lunchtime (1:45), in class, our teacher's brother Uncle Asher and husband came in for a special activity, MILKSHAKES!!! It was a great surprise. Mrs Manuyag (our teacher) put all the ingredients on a white, small table.

The ingredients were fantastic - mini marshmallows, whipped cream, hundreds and thousands(shaped like dinosaurs!), sprinkles, food colouring, milk, and ice-cream.

The first milkshake, made by Mrs Manuyag, showed the ingredients and she talked us through the steps:

- First, put your ice-cream into your blender.

- Second, add milk.
- Third, add your chosen topping (caramel, strawberry or chocolate).
-  Finally, mix your ingredients in your blender (but make sure you put the lid on properly!)

After everyone got their milkshake, they went to Mrs Manuyag's husband, Carmilo. He was in charge of giving the whipped cream and the toppings on the milkshakes! Everyone was having fun, even in the photos, just like these! => =>

When I finished my first milkshake, it felt like I had had four, but then I had another one! My second one was twice as good as my first one, maybe because there was a mixture of chocolate and caramel toppings - yum!
<= Everyone got a photo of them and their milkshake, even the people who took their photos!

Right after we had the milkshakes, Uncle Asher was going to introduce to us his sword. It looked like a samurai sword. He told the story of how he got it in Japan. He was also talking about how he helped in the Japan Tsunami aftermath.

He had this one story about when he was practicing his sword moves with his sword, and when he was doing a move which I would call, Kirioshi (a move where you slice something straight downwards) then he sliced his light bulb, which shattered all around him. If only he had it on video!

At the end of the day, the class hugged, hive-fived, and handshaked Mrs Manuyag, Uncle Asher, and her husband, Carmilo.

It was the best day.

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Mrs Manuyag said...

Hi Willy :> Just found this blog post! What a hoot :> I completely remember this activity - so much fun. Thank you for reminding of good times with room 5 :>

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