Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Old House By Willy

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I can see a very old house in the middle of nowhere. There was no gate in sight. It had a foul stench.The weather looked grey and cloudy. The doors were closed shut, with the windows boarded with wood. The trees had black leaves that were hard to see. The chimney was mouldy and old. The roof of the old house was brownish. The paint of the house was all black and white. There was a small amount of grass with patches of brown. The door looked brown and wooden.

I went into the creepy house, where I heard the creaky floors, making noises while I was walking through the living room. I saw black spiders crawling up the walls. The walls were broken and had holes. The inside was all green and ugly like the hulk. The furniture inside was covered in cobwebs and dust. Only one light was on.

I went into the cellar, which was the most scariest part yet. The only light I had was the sun shining through a window. I smelt dead rats. I saw broken wood, which was near the window, nearly boarded up with planks of other wood. I saw dark mirrors that were broken. Broken window glass were shattered all over the ground. I walked out of the cellar, through the living room, and out of the entrance, looking like this bad trip had never happened.

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