Monday, 5 November 2012

Topic Words - Definition Hunt - Electricity

Put the word in a sentence:
Atoms:A part or particle considered to be an irreducible constituent of a specified system.There are atoms in material like paper and buckets.*
Proton:Protons make up part of the nucleus of all atoms except hydrogen.A proton is part of an atom.*
Neutron:An electrically neutral subatomic particle in the baryon family.A neutron can make electricity change. *
Electron:Electrons are the primary charge carriers in electric current.Electrons are  negative particles.*
Voltage:A measure of the difference in electric potential between two points in space.A voltage could easily hurt a human being.*
Circuit:A closed, usually circular line that goes around an object or area.A circuit is like a little chip.*
Substations: subsidiary or branch station, as of a post office or an electric utility.Substations are electric places where electricity is stored and made.*
Transformers:A device used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another.Transformers can give electricity to power lines to give to homes.*
Conductor:Something that allows electricity to flow through it easily. Water and most metals are good conductors. Conductors can allow electricity to flow through them because the electrons in their atoms move between atoms very easily.*
Insulator:A device that insulates.Glass is a good insulator, which can’t let electricity go through easily.*
Distribution:The act of distributing or the condition of being distributed.A distribution line could take electricity through many cities. It could go underground.*
Generator:An apparatus that generates vapor or gas.A generator could send electricity to substation.*

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