Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Guy Fawkes Description

As the moon shines above us, I could hear the first firework explode on my street. I could see the joy my little brothers face and his cheeky smile waiting to be fed. Twenty minutes later more fireworks exploded. I could see mixed colors in the sky, fireworks shaped like pom-poms. Laughter of children filled up the street.  I felt annoyed when more fireworks grew louder and louder. As night grew darker I got frightened, minutes later I wanted more fireworks to shine to cover the dark blue sky. I could hear dogs barking as the fireworks exploded one by one. BOOM! PEW! POP! Also it felt like fireworks were doing some kind of song. I could taste smoke floating around the air, food that smelt delicious but sadly got eaten. The barbecue grabbed my sense of smell. We had sausage sizzle to celebrate this noisy but fun event. When there was no fireworks booming it made me feel blue because I had to go to sleep to get ready for school.

By Willy and Darwin

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