Friday, 7 September 2012

The Bush

Once, there lived three boys named Tim, Tom, and Jerry. They were going into a bush for a couple of days for camping. Tim likes to be outdoors and smell the fresh air. Tom liked the sun, coming down to shine on his fine looking face, and Jerry, was the third wheel in their friendship. They took lots of water and food, and the tent too. The three decided to take a walk down the bush, where all of nature comes to enjoy.  The three were amazed when they were walking. They saw birds, leaves, trees, and lakes. They heard the song of the birds, singing in harmony.

As they were getting near the end of the bush, Jerry was getting de-hydrated, tired and exhausted. “Oh, man, how long have we gone?” asked Jerry, groaning badly. “We’re nearly there, we just need to walk a little longer to the end.”  said Tim, pointing at the end of the bush. “Well we need to hurry, or else we’ll get lost.” exclaimed Tom. “Why?” asked Jerry, “It is Because, some people say that a monster called ‘The Bush Monster’ roams through these bushes, searching for people who are digestive and all that.” replied Tom in a scary voice. Then they heard a noise. “W-w-what was that?” whispered Tim, “I’m getting scared now” said Jerry in a very, alien voice. “Ooooooooo!” echoed a creature from a distance. “Now we need to get out of here!” shouted Jerry, and as the monster came closer and closer, Then three were yelling, running for their lives, hoping they wouldn’t get eaten from the monster behind. They went through the lakes, leaves, trees and bushes, then finally they reached their destination.

“Well, I think this is it.” said Tim, closing his eyes in horror. “Yeah it’s been nice knowing yous both.” said Tom, looking carelessly into the monster’s eyes. “I wish I could kill the monster-wait!” said Jerry as he interrupted himself. Jerry went into his camping bag and he found some dynamite. “Why do you have a bomb?” yelled Tom. “To blow up the monster, of course!” replied Jerry, while he lights the dynamite with some matches from Tim’s camping bag. “Lets see if you survive this!!” shouted Jerry, as the dynamite went into the monster and BOOM!!! The monster pieces were every where, even on Tim, Tom, and Jerry. “Whoa, dude!” said Tim, “That was spectacular!” said Tim more. Then the three went home and learnt to never go camping again (unless it’s safe!).

The End.

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