Monday, 28 May 2012

Writing Reflection

This week for writing we are focussing on speech writing. Today in our writing lesson we learnt about speech presentations and the structure of a speech. We also brainstormed different topics for speech writing this week. I have decided to write a speech about bird watching because it’s very interesting to watch, a little bit odd for some reason, but I can determine at the end of my speech, you’ll get into it in an instant.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Spelling Cloze Task.

Can you place the correct word in the gap so the sentence makes sense?
  1. Mandy Moore is so ________.
  2. But the words I quote above are only one instance of what repeated on average once every five pages I now find very ________.
  3. Thomas Edison said, “I will now make the first ever, ________.

Friday, 18 May 2012

My Character Description

Today I read a story about three children discovering three aliens. This story is a play. We are practicing our presentation skills as this will help us prepare for our movie making project next week. The character I play in the story is the Reporter. The reporter I play has four lines. He has a blond mustache and blond, straight hair. He also wears sunglasses.My character also wears a tie. My character is part of the media crew who is part of the TV news. I think that this character is awesome because he is part of a news crew and he finds out new things.

Friday, 11 May 2012

What If Key

What if Key

What if movies did not exist? Write 7 consequences and their effects.

  • Televisions wouldn’t exist because of the video
  • We would have to go to theatre and it will take a long time
  • We would have no TV experience in Movie Magic
  • Laptops will never exist (Netbooks, Mac, etc.)
  • DVDs and won’t exist because it has video
  • Computers won’t exist
  • Videos will not exist

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Different Uses Key

Different Uses Key

Today, I did a thinkers key. That key is the 'Different uses' key. I had to record 9 different and unusual ways to use popcorn.

  • Use as a weapon
  • Make a necklace
  • Draw a popcorn picture
  • Make a bracelet
  • Make a pillow
  • Help do maths
  • Write in popcorn
  • Use popcorn for making stick people
  • Eat popcorn

Friday, 4 May 2012

Movie review about Peter Pan.

We watched a movie called Peter Pan. We think that people should watch it.

People should watch this movie because it has great sound effects. In the movie, the sound effects makes it more exciting and interesting like the sword fighting.

Another reason is that it’s based on a book. The movie is in real life and it’s set on an island. Also, it has action in it, and it’s longer than the book.

Lastly, people should watch this movie because the characters wore great costumes. The characters in the movie wore interesting pirate costumes that made it eye-catching.

In conclusion, people should watch this movie.

By Willy and Khorus.