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Boxing Day

Boxing Day. The day following Christmas. A day where people go shopping crazy all over the place, but at our house, we have a different way of celebrating.

It all started in the morning. The first person that came was a man, who came with his wife and daughter. My sister was trying to show off in front of him, but I took her upstairs to not disturb him while my glorious dad, (whose hands can massage even broken bones), was massaging him.

Later that day, while I was sitting on my sister’s old car seat (she made me to do it), my cousins arrived! I started to think that they would come every year on Christmas, because it was sunny and kind of cloudy, but close enough. We had a barbecue and a cake, with some laughs and conversations.

An hour after they left, which was about 6:25, my uncle and aunt came to visit us. My aunt brought us biscuits and chips. During their visit, my relatives were having a conversation with my mum. Even though they were speaking Samoan, I heard some English words like, “Sneezed six times”, “Surgery”, “Brain” and, “Scared”. I was horrified, because after 2 minutes of their conversation, I could translate some of the English words and make a version of my story, and it was nearly right! I felt so sad and worried about my uncle, because he was having something very bad. I even heard him say a prayer and some kind of the speech, but the he said something that was worth it’s minute, saying that he prays for me, my sister, and mostly my brother.

Later that night, I realized something weird. Everyone that came to our house always said, “Merry Christmas!” when it’s Boxing Day. I kept on wondering for about an hour and then, my mum and sister went somewhere to pick up my dad. I had chips that were flavored “Pizza”, YUM! Then I ate all the biscuits, which were still great, but when I used it, I felt very full and thankfully, I was happy, because this Boxing Day was feeling like a Christmas. If only it was Christmas...

My Sister's Birthday

My SisterOn Sunday, the 23rd of December, it was my little sister’s 3rd birthday. During her special day, in the afternoon, my uncle’s girlfriend gave my sister a 36 puzzle piece set and a barbie doll, whose name was “Jade”.

Later, at nearly 5:30 in the afternoon, most of my family (except for my brother and uncle) went to our church that we used to go. We were greeted from some people at that church with handshakes and kisses. Even though my sister was only 3 now, she still has that beautiful face that says: “Could you give me something, please?” and still, she was always cheeky, so cheeky that people at that church gave her many stuff, like chips which were flavored with cheese, and lollies with many flavors. I was feeling embarrassed, because she was getting lots of stuff, people are giving away food to her. It felt, different than usual.

After 9:00, me, my mum and sister went to McDonalds to buy a meal to celebrate my sister’s  birthday. When we were going to pay for the whole meal, the “Drive-Thru” person had a little conversation with my sister, but my sister was speaking gibberish. I was stunned. We went back home to eat our meal before 9:50, then my mum, dad, and sister went outside to have a long talk. The first part was between 10:05-10:35, and the second part was between 10:50-11:15.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Energy Brochure.

This is my brochure about 'Energy'. I used Google Drawing for the first time to create my brochure and I had fun making my brochure. During the process of making my brochure I learnt many styles of lining, how to put text into your brochure, and how to fit everything into a brochure. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012.

Here is a presentation of Room 7's Netbook Reflection

Push Play

The Push Play! group will show why exercising is important.

Push Play! from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Clean and Green

The 'Clean and Green' group in Room 7 put together a movie about keeping our environment tidy.

Clean and Green from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Be A Buddy Not A Bully.

Be A Buddy Not A Bully from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Tagging Is Bad.

Tagging is Bad from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Statistical Investigation.

This is a Google Presentation of my statistical investigation I did with my buddies Pate and Etuate.
We did a statistical investigation about Room 7’s Favourite Music.
We followed a statistical process to help us complete our investigation successfully.

Friday, 16 November 2012

How Electricity Travels.

Have you ever wondered how electricity travels? These days we have electricity to power our homes and cities, and to survive. If we didn’t have electricity, we wouldn’t have televisions, computers, or appliances. We would also not be able like use the internet, watch the news, or use the oven.

The first thing that makes the electricity, is a place called a “Power station”. The power station have many generators, which produces the electricity. Did you know that the generator is made out of metal, which is a good conductor? Insulators are the opposite of conductors, which stops electricity from going. Rubber and glass are very good insulators.

When it is out of the power station, the electricity travels through the pylons. Pylons are more bigger than ordinary power lines, because they produce more electricity. Are you aware that pylons generate electricity from other power stations, and sometimes, there are pylons in the streets.

When the electricity travels from the pylons, electricity travels on to a substation. Another word for substation is transformer, although, they don’t have the same size. Some substations have wires that go underground, which are covered with pipes, so it doesn’t electrocute anyone.

Later on, the electricity travels through power lines (or distribution lines), which is more smaller than pylons. Distribution lines let electricity go through to houses. Some houses have power lines underneath the ground. Finally, the electricity arrives to the houses for the appliances to work.

Room 7's Birthday Survey

This column graph shows Room 7's birthdays. 3 students were born in January. 2 students were born in February. 2 more students were born in March. 4 students were born on April. 1 student was born in May. 5 students were born in June. 1 person was born in July, same as August and September. 3 students were born in October. 2 students were born in November, and 3 students were born in December. This column graph also shows that most students were born in June, whereas only one person was born in May, July, August and September.

Statistics Wordle

Here is my wordle about statistics.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

T.P.S Athletics Day 2012

Press play to watch a movie about our Athletics Day.

T.P.S NEWS- Athletics Day from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Rewinding Back to June 2012

In Term 2 our school's inquiry topic was about 'Magic Movies'. Here is a trailer of our movies we made throughout Term 2. 

Room 7 Movie Tralier from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2012 - School is Cool

In Term 2 we were learning a lot about movie magic, and how movies can influence our world. We created many movies. We started by brainstorming key messages we could include in our movies. 

We also made a movie that explains how to plant kumara. It was really fun to do. We created this movie to inspire people to learn how to grow their own kumara.

Our movie for The Manaiakalani Film Festival is called 'School Is Cool'. We made it to share all of the cool learning and fun that we have at school.

Our movie was also shown at the Tamaki Primary Academy Awards. We created a PMI about Movie Magic and shared what we liked, what was challenging and interesting.

School is Cool from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Room 7's Favourite Fruit


This column graph shows Room 7's Favourite Fruit. 4 students like apples. 2 students like bananas. 2 students like peaches. 2 students like oranges. 10 students like strawberries. None like pears, and 6 people like grapes. This column chart also shows that the same amount of students like bananas, peaches, and oranges. A majority of students in Room 7 like strawberries, whereas no one likes pears.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Room 7 Planting Kumara

In week 3 Room 7 planted kumara in our school kai garden. We would like to say a special thank you to Koro for helping us.

Press play to watch how we planted kumara. This clip was put together by Willy and Danisha.

Room 7 Planting Kumara from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Guy Fawkes Description

As the moon shines above us, I could hear the first firework explode on my street. I could see the joy my little brothers face and his cheeky smile waiting to be fed. Twenty minutes later more fireworks exploded. I could see mixed colors in the sky, fireworks shaped like pom-poms. Laughter of children filled up the street.  I felt annoyed when more fireworks grew louder and louder. As night grew darker I got frightened, minutes later I wanted more fireworks to shine to cover the dark blue sky. I could hear dogs barking as the fireworks exploded one by one. BOOM! PEW! POP! Also it felt like fireworks were doing some kind of song. I could taste smoke floating around the air, food that smelt delicious but sadly got eaten. The barbecue grabbed my sense of smell. We had sausage sizzle to celebrate this noisy but fun event. When there was no fireworks booming it made me feel blue because I had to go to sleep to get ready for school.

By Willy and Darwin

Monday, 5 November 2012

Topic Words - Definition Hunt - Electricity

Put the word in a sentence:
Atoms:A part or particle considered to be an irreducible constituent of a specified system.There are atoms in material like paper and buckets.*
Proton:Protons make up part of the nucleus of all atoms except hydrogen.A proton is part of an atom.*
Neutron:An electrically neutral subatomic particle in the baryon family.A neutron can make electricity change. *
Electron:Electrons are the primary charge carriers in electric current.Electrons are  negative particles.*
Voltage:A measure of the difference in electric potential between two points in space.A voltage could easily hurt a human being.*
Circuit:A closed, usually circular line that goes around an object or area.A circuit is like a little chip.*
Substations: subsidiary or branch station, as of a post office or an electric utility.Substations are electric places where electricity is stored and made.*
Transformers:A device used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another.Transformers can give electricity to power lines to give to homes.*
Conductor:Something that allows electricity to flow through it easily. Water and most metals are good conductors. Conductors can allow electricity to flow through them because the electrons in their atoms move between atoms very easily.*
Insulator:A device that insulates.Glass is a good insulator, which can’t let electricity go through easily.*
Distribution:The act of distributing or the condition of being distributed.A distribution line could take electricity through many cities. It could go underground.*
Generator:An apparatus that generates vapor or gas.A generator could send electricity to substation.*

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Video log about Energy

Here is my Video log about Energy.

Energy Wordle Term 4

This is my wordle related to energy. Energy is our inquiry topic this term.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Our Names in Sign Language

Hello my name is Willy (who comes first) and my friend Etu (second). We are learning to use sign language and we are going to show you our names in sign language. Hope you enjoy!!!  Please don't mind the noise.

2015 UPDATE: ...and the video may not be available. Sorry.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Community Celebration

Here is a video about Whanau Day that happened on Wednesday. It was about presenting the Kai Garden to our school. Some children were in groups presenting in their stations to all the parents and classes.

Topic Reflection Term 3

Energy –The Balance of Life

What is energy?
Energy is a source for many things like electrical energy, wind energy, solar energy, muscular energy, etc.

Where do humans get energy from?
Humans get their energy from food, healthy food, which has protein in it (fruits and vegetables)

1. What substance does a tree use for food?
a. photosynthesis                                                       b. chlorophyll

c. glucose                                                                   d. leaves

2. What four things does a tree need for photosynthesis? (highlight your answer in yellow)
b)_Carbon Dioxide____________

3. What causes a tree's leaves to appear green?

4. What signals a tree to preparing for winter?

a. The days become colder.
b. The weather becomes dry.
c. There are more rainy days.
d. There are fewer hours of sunlight.

5. How does a tree get water?

a. It makes water in its leaves.
b. It turns glucose into water.
c. It absorbs water through its roots.
d. It uses photosynthesis.

6.Why do a tree's leaves change colour in the fall?

a. The tree has less chlorophyll.
b. The tree has less water.
c. The tree has no leaves.
d. The tree is growing quickly before the winter sets in.

What is compost?
Compost is like a worm farm, but, compost is fertilizer, and it looks like dirt.

What are the things that you cannot put in a compost bin?

-  Bones
-  Ashes
-  Rubbish
-  Food waste
List 5 things that you can put in a compost bin.

  • Worm wee
  • Food scraps
  • Brown stuff (dead leaves)
  • Green stuff (fresh leaves)
  • Grass clippings

This term you have completed a group project about the roles, rights and responsibilities of how people maintain sustainable food sources.
Draw a flow chart that represents the responsibility that people have to maintain the food source your group researched this term.

Sustainability group topic (e.g pork farming):_Genetically Modified Food_
- Farmer plants genetically modified plants and gives it to the scientists.
- Scientists put DNA from another method into plant.
- DNA from a special bacteria, connects
with genetically modified plant (or food).
- Genetically modified food is in the markets.

Draw and label a picture that represents a healthy kai garden


  • What have you learnt about this topic?
I’ve learnt the kai garden needs to be like an ordinary garden.
  • What did you like about this topic?
I liked learning about the kai garden, taking photos of the process of making a kai garden, and presenting it to the parents.
  • What is your role in practicing sustainability for a balanced future - at home, at school, in my community?
My role at home is to keep safe, exercise at home for 30 minutes, cleaning the house so it could be nice and tidy, doing my homework and having fun with my family. My role at school is to finish my work regularly, try my best in the subjects, and using feedback from my teacher. My role with the community is picking up rubbish and keeping my community clean. My other role in my community to be sustainable is to get food that is good for me.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Loud Shirt Day.

Today is 'Loud Shirt' day. This day is about supporting deaf kids. All the money will go to the deaf society so that technology can be provided to help kids hear better.

We think that this is an important charity as the money will help kids like Charday in our class who is partially deaf.

Friday, 7 September 2012

The Bush

Once, there lived three boys named Tim, Tom, and Jerry. They were going into a bush for a couple of days for camping. Tim likes to be outdoors and smell the fresh air. Tom liked the sun, coming down to shine on his fine looking face, and Jerry, was the third wheel in their friendship. They took lots of water and food, and the tent too. The three decided to take a walk down the bush, where all of nature comes to enjoy.  The three were amazed when they were walking. They saw birds, leaves, trees, and lakes. They heard the song of the birds, singing in harmony.

As they were getting near the end of the bush, Jerry was getting de-hydrated, tired and exhausted. “Oh, man, how long have we gone?” asked Jerry, groaning badly. “We’re nearly there, we just need to walk a little longer to the end.”  said Tim, pointing at the end of the bush. “Well we need to hurry, or else we’ll get lost.” exclaimed Tom. “Why?” asked Jerry, “It is Because, some people say that a monster called ‘The Bush Monster’ roams through these bushes, searching for people who are digestive and all that.” replied Tom in a scary voice. Then they heard a noise. “W-w-what was that?” whispered Tim, “I’m getting scared now” said Jerry in a very, alien voice. “Ooooooooo!” echoed a creature from a distance. “Now we need to get out of here!” shouted Jerry, and as the monster came closer and closer, Then three were yelling, running for their lives, hoping they wouldn’t get eaten from the monster behind. They went through the lakes, leaves, trees and bushes, then finally they reached their destination.

“Well, I think this is it.” said Tim, closing his eyes in horror. “Yeah it’s been nice knowing yous both.” said Tom, looking carelessly into the monster’s eyes. “I wish I could kill the monster-wait!” said Jerry as he interrupted himself. Jerry went into his camping bag and he found some dynamite. “Why do you have a bomb?” yelled Tom. “To blow up the monster, of course!” replied Jerry, while he lights the dynamite with some matches from Tim’s camping bag. “Lets see if you survive this!!” shouted Jerry, as the dynamite went into the monster and BOOM!!! The monster pieces were every where, even on Tim, Tom, and Jerry. “Whoa, dude!” said Tim, “That was spectacular!” said Tim more. Then the three went home and learnt to never go camping again (unless it’s safe!).

The End.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012