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Old House By Willy

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I can see a very old house in the middle of nowhere. There was no gate in sight. It had a foul stench.The weather looked grey and cloudy. The doors were closed shut, with the windows boarded with wood. The trees had black leaves that were hard to see. The chimney was mouldy and old. The roof of the old house was brownish. The paint of the house was all black and white. There was a small amount of grass with patches of brown. The door looked brown and wooden.

I went into the creepy house, where I heard the creaky floors, making noises while I was walking through the living room. I saw black spiders crawling up the walls. The walls were broken and had holes. The inside was all green and ugly like the hulk. The furniture inside was covered in cobwebs and dust. Only one light was on.

I went into the cellar, which was the most scariest part yet. The only light I had w…


At school, it's been going really well.

I got a Merit for my Algebra test earlier this week. That made me proud.

I mentioned before that I was part of this year's school musical. The actual nights are coming soon, it's Tuesday to Friday night from next week. I can't wait! Everything's falling into place and i just can't wait for everyone to see it!

The musical is called Little Shop of Horrors. It's about this guy who has this plant that feeds on blood and things reach a climax at the end. I'm one of the puppeteers that manipulate the plant to match the actor's voice.

So far it's been going swell, reader. Just a few days ago the puppet I'm manipulating was going under repair, and I was worried that it was going to...well...not work...but, just today it was fixed. Apparently.

But yeah, other than that, I've been quite busy lately. I haven't been this busy in a long time.

And there's quite a few things to do. Quite a few things to w…

Apology Post

Hi, reader.

I'm really busy at the moment, getting caught up in work and the upcoming school musical that's happening next week Tuesday through to Friday starting at 6:00 pm. I'm in it - a puppeteer.

But, yeah, I'm busy at the moment, and can't find time to post about my school day. I apologize.

Today At School - Wednesday 24th May (Part Two)

Wow, I haven’t done a two part post in a while. At this point of time, the class was focusing on algebra. I can’t really explain much about how I did the math work on the board - it pretty much felt like any other time I did the math work on the board.

Today At School - Wednesday 24th May (Part One)

I came to school at 7:31 am.

Today At School - Tuesday 23rd May

I was surprised to see that it was cold again this morning. For a moment I thought Monday started again and I was given a second chance to experience the cold frost going through Auckland again. Dad dropped me off to school and I walked to the spot I got to in the morning, and this time, there were these men working on the football nets. I walked back and forth before coming across Connor (mentioned him in an early TIL post), and we talked a bit about some stuff that happened yesterday, and then something about the football posts (or soccer posts), and then began this joke that parodies guys who belittle their younger brothers when at school.

In History, the class went over some more stuff relating to our new assignment related to the 1981 Springbok Tour. I was glad, I learned a bit about this last year. The whole issue was that South Africa’s rugby team the Springboks were coming over and New Zealand was divided after having an apartheid country come over. Mr Prentice then talked abo…

Today At School - Monday 22nd May

I was wondering why it felt colder than usual when I woke up early this morning.

Information Report about Plants (from 2012)

Yet another post in which I never posted from 2012. Here's a basic information report about plants...