Wednesday, 9 May 2018

New Blog. Finally.

After many a distraction and a lot of time taken away from school stuff...

A new start.


D J Burt said...

Hi Willy

Thank you for being so open sharing your learning, your thoughts, and your journey through seven years of schooling.

I totally understand that you may want a new start, but you have so many people who still read your blog - in fact, as I type this I see 89,268 page views - so I am writing to ask you to reconsider setting this blog to private.

We have ways of removing the ability to leave comments, so that your blog remains as a website rather than an interactive space. If you did that you would not need to monitor comments etc.

If you would consider doing this I could help you, as could Miss Aireen.
Mrs Burt

Willy L. said...

Hi Mrs Burt,

Yes! I would like that idea :)


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