Thursday, 14 December 2017

Walking in a Forest...

Here's an old piece of writing from a few years back.

I walked through the misty, windy forest. I feel the fog go through me like a ghost. Owls screech through a distance. The full moon rose as I walked at the start of the forest. Leaves fall from trees like they’re skydiving.
I walked once more through the scary forest, where I heard a noise coming from somewhere. It was the sound of wolves howling, and so I ran, frightened from the sounds of the spooky forest. I felt the thorns when I went through a pile of roses. I see birds flying circling around me like they were falcons. 

I ran through the forest faster now, and there was a final exit to the worst place I have ever been, a spooky forest. I walked outside like a new boy. I looked up and I could hear birds chirping, the sun rising from its awakening.

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