Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Tricks and Treats of Halloween

Forgot to post this on Halloween. I was busy. This is a piece from 2013.

On the day of Halloween, I came back from school. Skies were filled with blue, not a cloud in view. I was looking outside, no one on the roads. The wind was blowing nicely, like it was hitting me in the face. Realizing my mistake, we had no lollies, it was a little bad, because now trick or treaters now walk on the land. I’ve eaten all the lollies, that was a mistake, so we had to go out, the little hearts we could break.
At least 15 “Trick or Treaters” came up to the door, and I kept wondering, why not some more? My mum went out lied and said kindly, “Happy Halloween, but we have nothing.”. So, I had an idea, writing a letter saying “Sorry, but No Trick or Treat.” Before the night of Halloween. Trick or treaters marched out of their houses, wandering around, but as for me, I put my head back down. Vampires, Karate kids, princesses and zombies. I had no idea, they're coming for treats.

Then, out of nowhere, the moon bursted up like toast, going as fast as a turtle, and the zombie outfits started to turn real. Limping, groaning, hungry for lollies, coming to houses, hearing people scream. They came to my door, banging on the wood. Crashing the windows, I got scared and I stood. Zoomed downstairs, my heart was beating like a drum. Then I saw the fright of the night. Shivering, cold running down my spine.

“Oh, oh, oh my.” I said, trembling with fear. Then, BANG. The windows in the living room have bursted open. Fear. My insides start to swell. I had no choice but to run out of here. I grabbed the doorknob and then, no one was there. I was on the couch, listening to the sound of banging on the door. I walked to the door. I opened the door. 

“Trick or Treat!” the Trick or treaters say. “Sorry, but no.” I exclaimed.

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