Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Social Studies - Jim Keady ✓s Nike

I made the 'v' a tick sign. Clever, huh? No? Well it was worth a try.

Here's another Social Studies piece from earlier in the year when 10E (my core class) focused on a documentary showing Jim Keady exposing Nike's treatment of workers in Indonesia...

In 2011, well-known shoe company Nike was exposed by Jim Keady about how they conducted and carried out child labour - illegally employing children to make their shoe brands, and making them work in terrible conditions, and paying them well below the minimum wage. Jim Keady set out with a camera crew to Tangerang, Indonesia to visit a Nike factory where young children and other people worked making Nike brand shoes for a low wage.

He explored how child labourers worked daily and put himself in their shoes to see how they lived their lives outside the factory, in slums and near toxic fumes caused by the burning of piles of incorrectly made Nike shoes.

The documentary went on to see the effects of poverty mixed with child labour or labour work in general as shown by Jim Keady who voluntarily went out to experienced how they lived - living in a hot small concrete room with little to no furniture, and the money troubles of the worker, the struggle of whether to use the small amount of money for one thing or the other. When attempting to enter a Nike factory, it was revealed that any worker would not speak against the company or they would face consequences. 

When he went back to America, he approached the CEO of Nike, Phil Knight. Knight turned down Keady. Jim Keady then showed the viewer what life was like as a worker for a Nike factory in Indonesia.
The film made an impact on consumers who were angered by the sights of children doing hard labour in bad conditions. Since then people became more aware of child labour in factories in places like Indonesia, and it hit Nike’s sales for not being ethically made.

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