Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tue 24 Oct - Today I Learned...

Okay, new start.


I don’t know how to start this anymore. But I’m glad I came up with the idea of doing this kind of series. Encourages me to update this blog more. Even if it means that a post needs to be short to give me some, you know, “umph” to get the ball rolling - the ball being this blog post series. There was a great sunrise when I woke up. 6:35am. That yellow-mixed-with-orange glow. So I arrived at school early - caught up with Connor and walked into History. Nothing new has happened. In case you didn’t know (you probably don’t), the class are just rewriting improving their answers from the standards we completed for the mock exams last term.

I feel like I’m doing well in rewriting my answers. I don’t know if I’m having complete confidence in what I’m writing, but with the comments my History teacher (Ms. Cook is her name - I don’t know if I told you or not but she’s my History teacher now), I would say that it’s an improvement. In progress. I hope that made sense.

I’m just trying to get something down. Anyway, I’m currently improving my answers from this one standard where I picked the 1985 Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, and had to describe what happened, pick two groups and describe their actions and reactions. I think that’s the idea...yeah, I guess that’s it. The only new thing, really, was that Ms. Cook gave an activity which was to really lay out what happened, who was involved, the consequences of the event and the significance of the event. But other than that, nothing new.

There was a book club session for mentor time. “Book Bingo” was introduced and that caused excitement across my mentor group and the other mentor group that was with us. I’m lying - there wasn’t much excitement going around as I’d hoped. I was excited, though, I want to read more. I picked out this book “The Lost” by Alex Shearer which I’ll hopefully enjoy - I picked it since it had a blue cover. Well, blue and white, but mostly blue. And a little purple-BUT, I’ll say that’s just a result of an aging book. It was first issued 10 years ago, so, I mean...yeah…

Welp...this post is going well, isn’t it? I haven't even gone into the rest of the day! To keep it short.he first two periods were pretty good, just working on...work...then there was a choir rehearsal (two performances next week, woo!), then I was just...a bit worried for the upcoming weeks because of exams, which then turned into anger apparently, but that went away after playing in the Whanau Volleyball tournament, where my whanau (well, the Ngata boys' team) lost by two points, but that was alright, and last period was good. 

Goodness, that wasn't short.

I’ll be better with describing my day tomorrow. In the meantime, this was a good start!

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