Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Wed 25 Oct - Today I Learned...

I arrived at school early. Again. 😉. I’m pretty proud of myself for coming to school earlier. Especially to the sight of having my seat not being taken. I shouldn’t have said that, someone I know could read this. I walked into my History class and walked back out again because I needed to do that meditation/prayer thing I do most mornings.

This is what I saw from my spot.

Okay, to put it out there, this isn’t the spot where I meditate and look the changing horizon. Usually this is what I see when I sit on the spot I sit at in the morning:

There’s a tree in the way. But, I mean, it’s not that bad, the sky still looks nice everyday, especially when it moves and the morning sun shines through the gaps. A friend of mine (his name’s Aidan, if he doesn’t mind me revealing his name) walked in on me meditating, and we chatted for a bit. A long bit. Until 8:30 am. It was a good chat, though. Can’t say anything more about that. Oh, and History was still the same, nothing new.

And same with mentor time, it was just a normal session. English was a reading period. Math was different, I, along with everyone else, told the teacher we have for math (Mr. Abeysuriya) that we had an assembly regarding the rules of sitting NCEA exams and externals and all that, so, we all walked to the hall. Then, the associate principal, Mr. Milton (previous History teacher) told us that he was going to call 10E and everyone Years 11-13 to the hall halfway through the period. So we walked back to the classroom. Now, I can tell you, reader, it was at least five minutes into the lesson before Mr. Milton called us and the students from Years 11-13 to the hall! I mean, wow! That’s all I can say about that! Anyway, the assembly was just about NCEA rules for the exams coming up in November, and if you’re why my class was there, we’re also doing external assessments for Science. It was helpful...I mean, yeah, it was helpful…

Moving on, after morning tea, I had French. The class focused on a little recap from yesterday’s work, before going onto revision. Now, yesterday, I got a lot of work done - because I was in a mood. A worried mood (exams related), and that turned into stubbornness. I know, that sounds unheard of for a person like me, especially since I don’t go into that mood most of the time, but you know, I want to do good for French, to give myself the best chance of ‘getting it’ next year. ‘Getting it’ as in, understanding the hard work next year. Anyway, French was good. I still got work done. I have hope.

Now, P.E was interesting. Walking into the big gym, Miss Potter announced that it was “Free Time Friday” on a Wednesday! I mean, wow! That’s all I can say about that! I played badminton for the whole period, so I can’t really say more, but it was fun! Convenient how we were in the big gym because we then set up the gym for the Whanau Volleyball tournament that was continuing from yesterday.

To recap, the Ngata boys’ team lost by two points to the Jones boys’ team. Today, Ngata was against Hillary. It was a very tense match, it was a bit shaky at first - the way this one senior guy from Hillary spiked the volleyball was just so powerful! Almost to the point where I became more aware of where I was and where the ball was (translation: I got scared, there should’ve been a disqualification at a number of times someone got hit by those spikes), and hey! I hit the ball over the net a few times! That was nice! We were scoring a few times and Hillary was scoring a few times too.

But, at the end, we won the match! Yes!

What a great way to end off this post!

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