Thursday, 26 October 2017

Thu 26 Oct - Today I Learned...

Some moves...

Early arrival means burning survival in my books. I don’t know if that makes sense, but being early pays off. During my time waiting for my History class to begin (it begins at 8:30am), I went out and did what I do most mornings - meditate and pray. It feels nice to do it at the spot I sit at. It’s until around 8:25am that the whole environment and atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. The birds singing and the clouds walking. History was still the same, and so was mentor time, except Ms. Quigley mentioned the exam timetable for the exams coming up the week after next week.

Math was alright. It was just revision. Weird trying to remember the things the class covered earlier in the year. Music came by for period two and this period was going to be the assessment for a blues song composition. I partnered up with Yasmina (a classmate of mine mentioned in an early Today I Learned posts last year) to come up with lyrics to go along with the 12 bar blues pattern in the key of C (I think). Here’s the first verse of the composition which I wrote:

I’m livin’ a lie, I’m livin’ a lie with a name
I’m livin’ a lie, I’m livin’ a lie with a name
I thought I could cheat
But now I’m losin’ the game

La de la de came together very well, and we practised a couple of times before getting assessed. And wouldn’t you believe it, we got graded an excellence!


That was a high point. And I’m glad that’s over and done with. During morning tea there was an urgent choir rehearsal. Next week there’s going to be two performances that will involve EC Voices (the name of the school choir) - the first is on a Tuesday evening to the Lions Club who have generously supported the Music Department over the year, and the second is on Thursday evening at the senior graduation. How exciting! So anyway, the choir have been focusing on performing “Joyful Joyful”. For this practice, some members of the choir were going to choreograph the whole choir so that we had dance moves and gestures to accompany the singing.

It was hard.

It was confusing.

But I got there. Along with everyone else. I missed out on Social Studies (period three), and there was Health next. Hard to believe that lesson went by quickly. It was about perspectives, I believe. Like, looking at something through different perspectives. Ms. Potter listed the different perspectives on the board and explained each of them: Social, Political, Ethical, Economical, Cultural, Historical, and Environmental. Then there was a task. A “debate” was going to take place, with the moot being “All students at EC should be able to wear mufti.” The class was then split up into seven groups and were to make an argument based on their given perspective. In my group, we were to argue only from the environmental perspective.

That was hard.

And confusing.

But I got there. Along with the rest of my group. Lunchtime came, and there were the final games going on for the Whanau Volleyball tournament. The Ngata boys’ team were against the Sheppard boys’ team. It was a rough start, but as the game progressed Ngata was starting to get it! We were getting it point after point! It was amazing! I was shocked with amazement also that the Ngata boys had already won and that the actual game was over, but we still played on. I went over to the Ngata girls’ team to try and encourage them to get points but in the end, the Sheppard girls’ team won.

But hey, it was hard.

Not confusing, though. They gave it their all, I know that for sure.

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