Monday, 30 October 2017

Mon 30 Oct - Today I Learned...

I came to school and I first had History. Nothing new, probably revision. Yeah, I think it’s just revision - continuing to improve the answers from the mock exams and getting ready for the real exams. P.E was first, and 10E is currently focusing on traditional maori games. I don’t know if it was a game, but we all did this thing where we had these sticks and played with them to this song. I remember doing this activity back in Tamaki, around 2011 or 2012. It was fun, I messed up a bit but that was alright. Anyway, we just did that for most of the period, made a routine with a partner and Ms. Potter filmed everyone (she walked around and filmed everyone in one video, I mean), and it wasn’t an assessment on how good our routine was, but an assessment on our respect for the maori culture and our motivation and participation, I think.

Science was next and I’m worried. I haven’t been that great at this subject all year. BUT, this time, I got there with some of the work. Then I got stuck. Looked desperately through my Science workbook and writing book to try find any information that could help me. Eventually, the bell rang and there was morning tea. Another choir rehearsal, since there’s this giving-back concert happening tomorrow evening. Not a big turnout, but I guess that was just because it was Monday. The choir that turned up practised “Tshosholoza” and the girls’ choir practised “Flashlight”, before the boys’ choir practised “Go Down Moses”.

I heard someone mention an interview relating to the PSSP during choir practice. So, anyway, I don’t think I’ve told you before last week, reader, but - okay - so there’s this group called the PSSP (Peer Sexuality Support Programme) who deal with students who come to them for advice, support, or help, with any issues, not just limited to sexuality. Now, in week one, Jack (head boy) recommended me to attend a PSSP meeting at lunchtime. So I went. Without much knowledge about what the group was about. Then when the meeting finished up I was interested in joining. But then there was this thing about going to this hui where you get training for dealing with problems and how to act appropriately when someone comes up to you and presents to you a problem, and that’s where I turned a bit iffy. I mean, if you’re a long time reader you’d know why I chose not to go. It’s not because of the hui itself - not at all! It’s just that…

*uneasy sound*


But, hey! I still want to be part of the group! Anyway, I’ll leave this post here, I feel like it’s enough. 
Tomorrow evening is going to be exciting, I’ll keep you updated!

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