Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Flicker of the Silver Sword

Another piece of writing I never posted in 2014.

In the farmlands, there were once two children named Jim and Eve who were always getting into trouble. They were fraternal twins, born on the same day, but they did not look alike. At least they were the same height. Everyday, they would mess up stuff for their parents, and their punishment was to look outside to see the children playing. “I’m bored” said Jim, slouching and leaning on the window, making faces to the children outside. Eve was staring at something she always wondered about. “Jim...” Eve said to him, “Why don’t we just go outside to those doors over there?” she continued saying. “I’ll do anything to get out of here!” Jim replied to Eve. They both ran out of their cottage, racing each other. After a moment, they arrived at the two doors, looking like a cellar. They both entered without warning.

It was quiet. Too quiet. Before they could move...BANG! CRUSH! The sound of wood squashed had the two fraternal twins frozen. “What was that?” Jim wondered to himself. “Shh..” whispered Eve, “Lets go.” Eve said to him, waving to him towards an exit. They both ran out cautiously out of a cave-like hole. People were yelling and screaming in horror in a distance far away. “Whoa!” said Eve, as they both ran to an old castle. Fires started in seconds, destroying houses and wooden buildings, spreading across the land. Even though they did discover a new land, that new land was being destroyed. “We need to do someth-” Jim said, but he was already interrupted by a large big crush. Dust filled the sky. Running to the scene, they find the same castle once new, now in ruins.

Eve and Jim run into the destroyed castle, breathing in the dust. Coughing, they both discovered something shimmering in a room. “Get back!” yelled a guard to the two. The light gets brighter. “I don’t have time for this...” Eve said to herself. “Jim, c’mon, let’s go here.” whispered Eve to Jim, and as they go into a hole where no one would see them. Entering the other side, they both gasp. A shining, brilliant sword. “I got an idea.” said Jim. He goes close to Eve, whispering to her their plan. Eve could here the plan clearly, over all the sound of screams and crying.

Later, after planning, they both run towards the creature, breathing fire. Eve runs right in its path. “Oi! You filthy dirty-breather!” she yelled, “Take a piece of this!” she yelled more. As Eve was distracting the creature, Jim was busy running up a cliff, reaching the top, then, waiting for the right moment to strike the creature. Suddenly the creature lets out a blood-curdling scream. It collapses dramatically, letting out a big bang heard kilometres away. Silence for a moment. The creature, lying on the soft, dark green grass, stays as still as a statue. The silence is broken, with a roar of cheer now spreading throughout the land. “Hooray!” they all say, lifting the heroes of “Zarnia”, as that was what the land was called. Eve and Jim were both honoured for their bravery and courage. The sword, silver and shimmering in the sunlight, was kept in a place safe from destruction. After what felt like a long day, Eve and Jim were farewelled by the villagers, walking into the cave-like hole, and then out the cellar of their cottage. Walking back inside, they go near the window, glancing at the children playing outside, acting as if nothing happened for the past 9 minutes.

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