Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Explanation: How To Become a Good Student

2014 piece of writing that I feel is relevant to my mindset at this point in time.

Being a good student is something we all find very challenging from time to time in school. You could start changing your attitude, your reputation could begin to turn bad, and people will know you as rude and uncaring just because you want to turn “bad”, but, if you’re like me and wanting to change the attitude, avoid trouble, and boost up your levels, then my explanation can help you.

First, if you work with pride in your netbook or book, that means your work has to go up in a high standard, and that means you would finish your work early and not stay in to finish it. If you put pride into your work, then you have more time to do something else or to do other things, maybe even checking other student’s work, because the effect of that is someone you check their work with will finish early also.

Now, if you become interested in your learning, that means you become more focussed and interested to know more. It also means you will feel like you have contributed and also learned more than before. If you become interested, then you become more smart in your learning, your levels go higher because you learn more information from the subject you participated in, and the effect of that is that it will help you in the next years., and the effect of that is you could share you information and knowledge to others, or younger people.

Lastly, concentrate on your learning. This means you shouldn’t muck around in the class when you’re supposed to do your work. If you concentrate, then you will end up finishing your work early, and maybe on Friday, the effect of that is free time, where you can play an appropriate game of your choice, and the effect of playing games because you deserve it, it could lead to becoming that top player, or beating your own high score.

In conclusion, if you change your attitude and follow this, you will end up having succeeding school and also, if lucky, you could be nominated to become a Student Councillor, like me, or become a Student Leader, people who guide and help the Student Councillor. Also, if you follow this, you could enjoy learning and have fun, especially if you're a Year 8.

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