Monday, 28 August 2017

Mon 28th August - Today I Learned...

To start this blogpost series again at a good time.
Well, then.

Here we are, once again. Me trying to revive a once thriving blogpost series that did so well for most of February last year, then fizzled towards the end of February and was posted from time to time during the rest of 2016 and some of this year. Either way, I’m going to try again. One whole month of TIL posts is one of my main goals for blogging. It’s a goal I want to achieve.

So, anyway, I begin off with an early arrival at school this morning. If you’ve read my previous posts about what I do when I come early in the morning (May 19th and May 22nd will give some meaning to the next bit), you would know that I spend a bit of time reflecting on thoughts and, well, in a way, meditating. This time, I sat down, cross legged on the second step, and shut my eyes as the time went into 8 am. The sky was looking blue, with white clouds going by, the sun was shining. I felt relaxed and ready for the upcoming day. History was first. If you didn’t know, I take History as an extra class in the morning. For the period the class studied terms related to the topic we’re currently learning about: Black Civil Rights in America. It all goes back to the days of black slavery and the segregation between black and white people that came after the abolishment of slavery. It’s been an interesting topic so far. Anyway, the class studied terms of the current topic before doing a quiz on Quizlet. 

If you don’t know what Quizlet is, it’s an online application where you make a quiz and, in shuffled groups, answer questions, racing against each other. It felt great, doing that. I haven’t been on Quizlet in quite a long time. At the end, I was involved in two teams in three rounds that finished the quiz first out of four rounds (one team from before the shuffle won one and the other team from after the shuffle won two rounds), and that was sweet. That sweetness was bitter when I realised I was on the same team as a Year 11 who I was not quite fond of, if you know what I, yeah...P.E was the next but first subject for the day and at the moment, the whole class is doing a unit on gymnastics. A Year 13 (or Year 12...I can’t tell which is which anymore thanks to the identical navy blue and my faint memory of last year) named Josh was going to assist with the lesson, teaching the class some moves that we could practise doing. I wasn’t that confident to do a full-on practice on the moves shown, but at least I tried to do this jump Josh showed everyone a few times. Kinda.

Science was next, and for the period, the class focused on rates of reaction and collision theory.

That’s all I can say, really. 

Now, morning te-OH, yeah! There’s something I forgot to mention. So, a few weeks ago, Mr Rosie (I’ve mentioned him earlier on the 24th of November last year), who was one of the two deputy principal left the school, which was sad, Salesi and Siale (friends of mine) were in his mentor group and they still miss him, and rightfully so. He talked with me after this one Year 10 assembly last term regarding a goal I want to achieve and his words were deep and encouraging - that’s one talk I won’t forget in a while. Anyway, since he left, Mr Milton (I’ve mentioned him before during the Social Studies Term One Trip post) took over as Deputy Principal and since then, he’s implemented this rule that encourages everyone to get to class on time. This involved two bells - the first one being the warning bell, the second one being the “you should be in class” bell. If you’re not in class by that second bell, and have no valid reason - DETENTION. Now, that was for the lunchtime bell. From today, that rule is applied to the morning tea bell, also. Oh, boy, I’m making this explanation longer than it should be. But, yeah, that’s all I needed to say about that. Two bells for morning tea! Never heard such a thing until now!

Oh, reader, I’ll just end it there for today. Better stop before I turn it into a two-part post. And that just adds more work to doing these posts because of the detail...

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