Monday, 17 July 2017

The Scratch

I was walking through a place where it was so scary, I wanted to go back outside again, but sadly, I couldn’t. It was stormy outside today, so this was the only place. I heard scratching but couldn’t see through the darkness. Only the light guided me through the path, so I was lucky. There were spiders on the ceilings and cobwebs on the sides. I smelt the air in the abandoned place, and it was terrible, it smells like someone died in here. I feel the ground really lightly, almost feeling like I might fall. The scratching was moving further away, echoing, but I wasn’t worried. I would find that scratching noise somewhere.

Feeling a bit brave, I moved normally through a small room, but I was staying alert still, looking out for any bad stuff that would happen to me. Closer and closer, I looked up, and then CRACK!! I fell right through the floorboards. I didn’t realise that ditch when one of the lights weakened more. “Help!” I yelled, but no one was there. I was all alone. More and more, the lights go out, I started to worry like never before. I started asking myself, “Would I get out? or would I never get out?” It depended if I would. If only I found the scratching already and got out, missing the ditch, and any other traps in my way. I wanted to focus on just the scratching. More and more, I felt a bit fuzzy.

As my brain was getting more fuzzy, I started to get drowsy, closing my eyes. Then, suddenly, I was not in a ditch anymore, I was at an exit! A door! I opened my eyes. Did my eyes deceive me? No, they didn’t. I let out a sigh in relief. I opened the glass door, and what was making an echoing sound of scratching? It was a small kitten.

The storm stopped and I continued walking. The kitten ran away before I could feel it in my hands. It was only once I was stuck in one place, then suddenly transported into another place with a secret exit. I was not brave, but I was alert. I learnt that I wouldn’t underestimate my decisions on other places I do not know of.

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