Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Magic Carpet

Another piece of writing from 2013.

It was a sunset over a dessert, and everything was calm. The moon was as skinny as a stick. There was also a quiet carpet in the sky. It was named Carl. Carl was always happy. He would always fly across the sky as fast as a jet plane at a time of a sunset. The breeze would go through him as he flew across. “Maybe I should fly again.” said Carl the carpet, so he went out into the sky, soaring like a bird for the rest of the night.

Little did he know, the next day, he was in a middle of a shooting. A man and his army wanted to turn Carl’s dessert into a fossil fuel factory, but, with the factory, it would pollute the place Carl lived and loved. “What’s happening?” exclaimed Carl. The man of the plan thought someone was talking behind him, and then he saw Carl, mistaking him for a bird! He didn’t like birds, because he was mean and lonely. Carl was mad, but he didn’t want to go down there, because they had laser beams all over the site.

Luckily, Carl still had a plan. He swooped down near the site, where still no one was seen. He creeped through the inside of the site and wore clothing the men were wearing. He flew to the top and put a big sign saying, “DO NOT BUILD HERE, TOXIC” but in fact, it wasn’t toxic there at all, but still the men fell for it, and they ran away in their planes and cars, and then he was all alone again, but he did not mind at all, not one bit.

Just because no-one even knew he was a magic carpet, whose name was Carl, he still flew across the sky much longer at sunset, thinking about how he saved his land from the polluting fossil fuels from being made.

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