Friday, 14 July 2017

The Deceived Villages

A piece of writing I didn't post back in 2013.

Yeah, I'm sure this was written in 2013. Or somewhere around that, I'm not sure, my memory's fuzzy.

Once in the medieval times, there were two villages called Fernwood and Inglewood. They were like siblings. Their people lived in harmony. They shared all their plants, crops, and their water with each other. No one committed crime, and they lived in peace. It would sometimes be as sunny as the colour yellow. The sun would look like it covered the two villages, and the rain would water all the plants and crops, and fill up the rivers and lakes.

It was all going a 100 percent well, until one day, a seriously strange person came into Inglewood. The smile on the person’s face looked evil, like a villain's smile. People stared at him, as he walked into the local gathering place Inglewood. “Attention, everyone!” he announced on a bumpy box. The locals stared at him. “Fernwood has dishonoured this village, taking our water!” he added. Everyone gasped, murmuring about the subject. The person then went to Fernwood, where he said, “The locals of Inglewood have stole our crops!” he yelled. The people from both villages were furious of each other. Then the next day, a war began. People from the two villages ran across the grassy gap, yelling a thousand times louder than each other. Most of them had swords and armour. While others had guns and weaponry. Some people, old and young, hid for their lives. 

During the war, fiery fires started going everywhere. Houses, wells, and many more. The fire was walking across the two villages, spreading fires all over the place. 

Then, the next day, a traveller arrived. He was confused to see all the destroyed castles and many bodies lying down. He went down to see the crops of Fernwood. What did he see in there? Nothing. Every crop of corn was there. Then he went to the rivers and lakes of Inglewood. Nothing in the water was polluted. “What’s happening?” he thought. He went to the old castle of Fernwood. He was broken. The ruins in the cold castle were spread around the dark green grass, like cream. He started to cry, so he planted a seed in the entrance of the castle. People in the war looked at the man. “Hey, stop! Look!” many people exclaimed. The remaining sunshine shone on the growing sunflower. 

They all stopped, and stared. They were thinking about all the great things that happened before the strange person came to the villages. Then they finally got it, all the war happened from that person. “Where is he?!” people say. People found him packing his stuff, and then they kicked him out just in time. Everyone was happy, and everything was back to normal.

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