Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How the Girl Broke the Otter's Curse...

I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but if it hasn't, then here it is, reader, a myth I wrote with two other friends, Chasity and Jennifer, from 2014...

As the moon faded away, and the sun rose up from the depths, the village of Honolulu shone like gold. A beautiful girl named Moana, was standing next to the nearest pond. Her hair was golden, burning, brighter than the sunshine.  Nearing the center of the pond, she heard a splash. Frightened, she let out a gasp. “Hello!” She yelled, which echoed in the distance. A figure rose up from the water, then swam towards Moana.

Moana froze.  She stood there, breathless. She swam toward the creature to get a better view, and everything seemed blurry until she got closer, and closer. As Moana felt the tip of the alien creature, it was like a wet blanket. “Hello…” the creature whispered in a husky voice, and as the creature turned around, staring, they locked eyes.

“Who are you?” She asked suspiciously.
“I, am an otter.” He spoke.
“Okay…” Moana replied, shocked that she was speaking with an otter.

Moana backed away from the otter, slowly. “Uhm sorry, I have to go now…” She said awkwardly, still looking at the otter.
“But wait!” He said, swimming a little closer to her. “I’m a prince…”
Moana looked him  up and dow down and muttered, “You don’t look like one…” And walked away, breaking their locked eye contact.  The otter rose. Lazily, he limped on both fins, skimming the surface of the water slowly arriving on the sand at the same time as Moana. “Never judge a book without flipping the first page.” He uttered. His statement full of wisdom.

Moana walked away, clueless of what was going to happen next. She walked off. Continuing on her journey back home. Little did she know, the otter was then following her. Around the village market at night, across the waters of Honolulu in the early morning. He was desperate to be with her.

Is someone following me? Moana thought, as she was taking her morning stroll through the paths of the village. Without any warning, she had spun around, and immediately she saw the otter, gazing at her, standing still.   “Sorry, I just really wanted to speak to you.” The otter whispered, but Moana gave him a sad sigh. Slowly moving closer, the otter spoke “Don’t tell them…”. Moana moved back. She shunned the otter and moved on, telling others for help.

They looked at the otter, “No, don’t!” He said, and the crowd gasped.
“It can speak!” A person said from the crowd.
The crowd turned to each other and started saying, “Who is this guy trying to fool?” Moana closed her eyes, taking two deep breaths. In. Out. The crowd were like lions findings their prey. Moana’s anger took over her “STOP!” She shouted.

‘Everyone froze like statues. “Enough!” She yelled.
The villagers of Honolulu stared at her. “Just stop with this nonsense!” She continued. After a long speech everyone agreed to leave the otter alone. She then had strong feelings for the otter. She hugged the otter, and before she knew, they sealed that hug...with a kiss. A warm, white light shone over Honolulu, which scattered over the village homes. Moana’s vision blurred. Her vision cleared, balancing her head. She suddenly saw a handsome, young man, who was standing with her, locking eyes with her.
“Is that you?” She asked the man shock buried deep in her voice.
“Yes. I told you.” Replied the man, Moana painted a smile on her face and so did the prince. Now the prince was free from the curse and he lived happily ever after with Moana....

This is how the girl broke the otters curse...

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