Monday, 10 July 2017


Here's a piece of writing from a while ago.

I forgot when I wrote this.

One time, in 1856, at an unknown town, there were lots of crimes were made. Windows were broken. Lots of people were forced to live on the street. Fires were often made in this town. The buildings were old and nearly falling. 

There was also a boy named Grey. He was poor and quite tall. Grey had black eyes like the night sky, he had black hair that was straight and dirty, his clothes were cheap and black. He lived with his family, who had lots of problems made in their home. Grey was felt sorry about his family, so he went out to town to find a simple job, one that is really easy and enough to pay him lots.

While he was walking through town, looking for an easy job, he suddenly bumped into a big, tall, man, whose clothing was all black coloured too, and his hands were in his pockets. The bad man was furious and started to chase Grey through the streets. “Help me!” yelled Grey, who didn’t want any trouble, but instead, he was in a lot of trouble. Then, it started to get more stormy, and it rained. Grey could hardly see the footpath, he only saw the black-clothing man behind him. 

Just when his hope was almost gone, and the bad guy was out to get him, he hit a wooden door, but luckily went inside. It was his house he went into. He told his family about the bad guy and later ran to police.

The police then realised that the bad guy was actually a criminal, and was wanted ever since. They gave Grey and his family the reward money, which was 600 dollars!

Grey’s family was really pleased and happy about the money they had. They weren’t poor any more. They could pay the rent for more than 2 months, and even buy more stuff than usual. Grey was also happy as well, and he began to be more brave than ever before. Then finally, he thought, “I should work for the police!”

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