Friday, 16 June 2017


At school, it's been going really well.

I got a Merit for my Algebra test earlier this week. That made me proud.

I mentioned before that I was part of this year's school musical. The actual nights are coming soon, it's Tuesday to Friday night from next week. I can't wait! Everything's falling into place and i just can't wait for everyone to see it!

The musical is called Little Shop of Horrors. It's about this guy who has this plant that feeds on blood and things reach a climax at the end. I'm one of the puppeteers that manipulate the plant to match the actor's voice.

So far it's been going swell, reader. Just a few days ago the puppet I'm manipulating was going under repair, and I was worried that it was going to...well...not work...but, just today it was fixed. Apparently.

But yeah, other than that, I've been quite busy lately. I haven't been this busy in a long time.

And there's quite a few things to do. Quite a few things to work on. Oh, crike! That reminds me, I've got an assessment I need to resubmit.

I'll see you when I can, reader.

UPDATE: This is my 1300th post. How to celebrate it? By being busy.

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