Monday, 22 May 2017

Information Report about Plants (from 2012)

Yet another post in which I never posted from 2012. Here's a basic information report about plants...

General Statement
Plants are interesting. They make their own food. Some plants are good to eat.

There are different types of plants like Thunia, Washingtonia, Vanda, etc. A plant or flower has a stem, leaves, phloem, xylem, roots, and nectar. A flower looks just like a plant.
How do plants help the environment?
Plants help the environment by giving lots of air to the environment.Some plants grow fast to make more plants in the environment.

How do plants grow
Every plant grows the same way except for kumara .They grow by seeds first then the roots start to get the plant growing.Then a month later the plant is growing big.The plants also grow by used process called photosynthesis.

A plant needs photosynthesis. Photosynthesis helps the plant grow and make new air at the same time. It also makes the plant make food for themselves.

What plants need to grow
In order for all the new plants to stay alive, they need water, sunlight, seeds of course, and soil.  

Conclusion paragraph.
So in conclusion, there are different types of plants. Plants help the environment, and it takes a long time for a plant to grow. Photosynthesis is a process plants need to survive when there is no water around for the plant to grow.

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