Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Summary of School Lately...

Okay, I apologise for not blogging a lot about what’s been happening at school, reader. I apologise. I’ve been busy with schoolwork and stuff and really haven’t focused on the blog. And I feel bad about that because that’s kinda out of my character. But anyway, what’s been happening with me lately…

Well, a few months ago (back in Term One) at the beginning of my Music class, my Music teacher (Mr Holmes) asked me if I sing. I didn’t sing that much at the time (well, at least when other people are around, I guess), but I replied with something along the lines of “Yeah, kinda.” Then he asked me to stay behind a bit when the period ended for the break. The thing was, he wanted me to hum some notes that he would play on the piano. I thought I was going to do badly...

But, it turned out that I was doing an (incredibly successful) audition to join the school choir! I mean, isn’t that great? Oh, and I’m a bass singer.

There was also the Sports Day that I’ll actually really literally seriously post soon. And it was QUITE the surprise. But in the meantime, while you’re waiting for this, just remember this: Ngata came fourth last year and that was a bummer start to Year Nine me.

Also, the return of Abraham (alter-ego, but not fully because I want to keep control) marked a bit of a change for me at the start of Term Two (this term) - I started to get out of my comfort zone a little, and the first opportunity to do that was at this dance contest that was hosted by some of the Year 12s. It wasn’t triumphant, and that was to be expected, hardly anyone danced at all. And I was one of them.

Then I realised that I wouldn’t be there on the dancefloor (well, essentially it was the front part of the hall in front of the stage) if Abraham was going to do it. The hair’s on the other side already now (when he was first shown in 2015 I repeatedly had to switch hair sides to get in character), I guess no one would notice the change. And there he was, dancing really...well, I don’t mean to brag (for him), but the crowd cheered at some moments of his turn. Ohh, boy, how that was nice to have that happen.

Oh, and this other time, probably on a Monday last week, Mr Holmes (music teacher) asked me with two other classmates (Connor and Sam, I think I’ve mentioned both of them in a TIL last year) to stay behind. I knew that this was going to be something good, because of that choir story just above here. Turns out, Mr Holmes was asking the three of us if we were interested in being part of the school production!

I mean, wow! But, I mean, the part open means that I won’t really be seen the entire time of the production, but HEY! It sounds so cool! And I didn’t even have to audition!

Ahh, reader, how it’s been so long, and how I’ve spent so long trying to post these little moments about what’s been happening, when all I could’ve really done was just make a post like this, a little summary.

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