Thursday, 18 May 2017

Today At School - Thursday 18th May

Forgot to mention in yesterday’s post - but I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before - I’m learning guitar as part of taking Music as one of my options.

School was mostly good today. I have a feeling that everything at school has been going better ever since I switched to this Abrahamesque character.

I’ve just got to say before I moved on, there are certain parts of the day where the lighting was just mesmerising, reader, I just need to get that out there. Every time it stopped raining, the rays of sunshine would just shine on the school, the glow would just make it look like some sort of dream in a way.

I handed in this essay regarding the push and pull factors for Maori who moved out of rural areas and into urban areas post-WW2 last night. Really fast, actually. It was only sent out on Monday. So that really flown right past me. But thankfully I grabbed it and completed it in time. I couldn’t believe that I wrote that essay in under two hours. It was rushed but the main point was to show that I understood how an essay was structured. Throughout the class, it was focused on this worksheet related to post-WW2 Maori land and integration issues that mostly affected Maori.

Also, the sun shone as the rain stopped, filling the classroom with summer sunshine and blanketing the classroom buildings with warm light.

Well, hopefully, that is. But it was an assignment, so I won’t mind that much. Not an assessment. Because those are two different things, reader. Assessments are worth credits, that’s the difference between the two.

During interval, I had choir practice. It was nice, the male choir learned a new song in just under half an hour! That was nice! There was a moment where Connor and I walked into this other classroom in the Music Department, and the lighting once again shook me. The faint blueish hue came through the top windows - it felt ominous and gloomy in the room, but in a good way.

During lunch, I walked with my friends around the usual areas we walked. This is one of the changes I’m trying to make (in the presence of Abraham) - to break away from the same thing every day, and in the last few days, the character’s been doing other things that resulted in leaving my friends to walk off. I mean, yeah, it sounds harsh, but things have been a bit...repetitive lately, and I’ve grown tired of this, BUT it means that I have more time to do other things, you know, I mean...yeah...the conversation becomes the same thing after a little while. But, I do recall very clearly sitting down and having a talk on these benches outside B Block (which were dry, since it was raining a bit here and there today), and the sun shone again!

Oh, the lighting today was brilliant, reader. Yeah, I know, that wasn’t a good way to end this post.
But I couldn’t resist.

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