Friday, 19 May 2017

Today At School - Friday 19th May

First off, again, before I get to the actual post, I’m also participating in the Whanau Art Competition. My whanau is Ngata, if you didn’t know already. It’s quite different this year, the art competition. Last year it was a pavement art competition, where each whanau would use chalk to illustrate their whanau values and artistic ability.

So the day started out good, I spent some time thinking about some stuff at my usual spot for thinking whenever I come to school early. Sometimes I think, and sometimes, like this time, I just gaze up at the sky and watch the clouds go by as the sun slowly rises to shine that middle-of-the-morning light. At 8:02 am I walked off and headed for History class.

The class starts at 8:30 am but I get there early to avoid traffic during the 8:00am-8:30 am period.

To cut it short, History went well. Throughout the day, throughout the periods (Music, Social Studies) it went well, there was work done here and there, and I had my weekly guitar lesson. We’re currently focusing on chords, and it’s looking pretty good. “Ghost Riders In The Sky” is the song I’m mainly focusing on for practice.

Not much to say for the rest of the day - had the break and then usual work in the next two periods (Science and French), but for Science, I was very surprised with myself. There’s an internal in Week Seven (it’s like an exam, sorta, where you plan and write a method, then carry out an experiment, record your results, and then discuss what happened if you want to), and so the class is focusing on components of the internal - going over the experiment, then making sure the results are alright, then making sure the experiment was done right and so that it followed the method that we wrote down, and then attempting to write the discussion to discuss different parts of the experiment and why the experiment went the way it did - all that jazz. But anyway, I was surprised that I was able to focus throughout the whole period without getting distracted...or distracting myself for that matter.

I’ve really gotta say, reader, I’ve felt wonderful transitioning from Science to French, walking a bit fast to the class, balancing myself as I walked on that wooden plank that’s like a barrier between the bark and dirt and the concrete. French was good, though, it was just normal work, but I had a good time during that period, whether I was distracted or not, it was a good session.

Lunch came by and I finally felt what it was like to sit and talk and laugh with my mates. No talk about secret things happening around the school, no talk about other people, no talk about drama, just talk about random, funny stuff.

I mean, this week has been a great week, reader. Such a great week.

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