Monday, 1 May 2017


'Odrastan Leader may start Blogging War' says government official
-May 1st

This just in, a government official from Ustwynsia has released a statement that war is 'highly likely', and that residents in populous cities in Ustwynsia should consider evacuating in case of an attack.

This comes after a week of threats and a war of words between the leaders of Ustwynsia and Odrastan escalated after the missile strike on Ustwynsia on April 18th. At least 560 people have since died from the initial attack or from injuries in the aftermath. Reports surfaced before showing Ustwynsian military training on private beaches, leaving many to speculate whether a war was imminent showing its power and its strength, leaving many to speculate whether a retaliation strike was in the works.

Reports of neighbouring countries beginning sanctions with Odrastan have just begun, after many days of prompting by Apolsna, who has tried to de-escalate the heated verbal war going between Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy and Odrastan Chancellor Stanley.

9:20 pm: A warning siren has been set off in Apolsna amid fears of a missile launched by Odrastan headed for its capital.

9:26 pm: Apolsna Premier Patosina has made a desperate plea for civilians living in the targetted capital to evacuate 'as soon as possible'

9:30 pm: Missile launched by Odrastan has struck the Apolsna capital.

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