Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Today At School - Wednesday 24th May (Part Two)

Wow, I haven’t done a two part post in a while. At this point of time, the class was focusing on algebra. I can’t really explain much about how I did the math work on the board - it pretty much felt like any other time I did the math work on the board.

Today At School - Wednesday 24th May (Part One)

I came to school at 7:31 am.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Today At School - Tuesday 23rd May

I was surprised to see that it was cold again this morning. For a moment I thought Monday started again and I was given a second chance to experience the cold frost going through Auckland again. Dad dropped me off to school and I walked to the spot I got to in the morning, and this time, there were these men working on the football nets. I walked back and forth before coming across Connor (mentioned him in an early TIL post), and we talked a bit about some stuff that happened yesterday, and then something about the football posts (or soccer posts), and then began this joke that parodies guys who belittle their younger brothers when at school.

In History, the class went over some more stuff relating to our new assignment related to the 1981 Springbok Tour. I was glad, I learned a bit about this last year. The whole issue was that South Africa’s rugby team the Springboks were coming over and New Zealand was divided after having an apartheid country come over. Mr Prentice then talked about different things related to how to research and present the information, and it sounds like hard work.

Also, there’s this special drill happening tomorrow, Mr Prentice announced briefly at one point during the lesson. I don’t have that much idea about what it’s going to be about, but it sounds pretty special! I walked into my mentor class with a question in my head regarding the drill, but that question was soon drowned out by the thought of this Pink Shirt Day themed talk by Ms Quigley and this other mentor (Ms Davis, mentor for the 10W girls) about bullying. I thought that was nice, bringing that subject up, and I also thought that making a paper chain made out of statements about what makes each person unique was nice as well.

Science was Science - it was a short period, and it was dedicated to some method and planning work. Then there was English, where we (10E) began doing static images. A static image is basically a picture that doesn’t move. Cartoons, photographs, posters, business cards and other things use static images to convey a message across. It’s to capture someone’s attention and influence them.

ANYWAY, to summarise the rest of my day: I spent morning tea discussing a little bit about the Ngata mural for the whanau art competition and it was hard. Math came by and it was pretty much normal. Music marked the revival of the three groups (there’s the Venezuelan Poodle Moths, the Dumbo Octopuses/Octopi, and the Panda Ants...I’m in the Poodle Moths), and I focused on memorising four chords - A minor,  G major, F major, and C major. Lunchtime came around, and I was hanging out with my mates for the first time this week...and it was different - tense conversation and some light argusation (argument and conversation) between me and Salesi (mate of mine). Social Studies came by, with more information about the effects of a tsunami.

And that was pretty much it.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Today At School - Monday 22nd May

I was wondering why it felt colder than usual when I woke up early this morning.

Information Report about Plants (from 2012)

Yet another post in which I never posted from 2012. Here's a basic information report about plants...

Friday, 19 May 2017

GBW Update: Fake News

'I AM NOT GIVING UP' Odrastan Chancellor Stanley blasts rumours of surrender
May 19th

Odrastan President has released a statement of anger towards the Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy, after a story published by the Ustwynsian Press regarding rumours of surrender by Odrastan surfaced. Below is the full statement (okay, since this is all fiction, the comment this post refers to has been altered to suit this blog series) given by the Odrastan leader:

"I am not giving up. I am still striving to win this war, even though I am a bit low on ammo and the requirements for war and such, that does not mean that I will give in. The reason why I am not giving up to Patosina and Willy, is because Jarryd Hayne also never gives up and he inspired me to never give up and strive for my goals. No more comment."

The Ustwynsian Prime Minister hasn't released a comment on this new update just yet.

Same goes for the Apolsna Premier, Patosina.

-The Ustwynsian Press

GBW Coverage: Is It True?

-May 19th

It's not official, but the Ustwynsian Press believe that the leader of Odrastan has surrendered amidst the violent Blogging War that begun on May 1st. Reports suggest that lack of defense and offense military may be the cause behind the white flag waving of Stanley.

Meanwhile, Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy is in a struggle with Apolsna Premier Patosina, who was left fuming after the lack of support regarding the beneficial option to force trading sanctions on Odrastan after the attack on Ustwynsia on April 18th.

On May 1st, the Apolsna capital was strike by a missile, sparking the whole conundrum.

No statement has been given by any other newspaper companies regarding the matter of false news, but it's come to knowledge that Willy has been informed of this rumour.

-The Ustwynsian Press

The post this update refers to: Avenger? | The Blogging War

Today At School - Friday 19th May

First off, again, before I get to the actual post, I’m also participating in the Whanau Art Competition. My whanau is Ngata, if you didn’t know already. It’s quite different this year, the art competition. Last year it was a pavement art competition, where each whanau would use chalk to illustrate their whanau values and artistic ability.

So the day started out good, I spent some time thinking about some stuff at my usual spot for thinking whenever I come to school early. Sometimes I think, and sometimes, like this time, I just gaze up at the sky and watch the clouds go by as the sun slowly rises to shine that middle-of-the-morning light. At 8:02 am I walked off and headed for History class.

The class starts at 8:30 am but I get there early to avoid traffic during the 8:00am-8:30 am period.

To cut it short, History went well. Throughout the day, throughout the periods (Music, Social Studies) it went well, there was work done here and there, and I had my weekly guitar lesson. We’re currently focusing on chords, and it’s looking pretty good. “Ghost Riders In The Sky” is the song I’m mainly focusing on for practice.

Not much to say for the rest of the day - had the break and then usual work in the next two periods (Science and French), but for Science, I was very surprised with myself. There’s an internal in Week Seven (it’s like an exam, sorta, where you plan and write a method, then carry out an experiment, record your results, and then discuss what happened if you want to), and so the class is focusing on components of the internal - going over the experiment, then making sure the results are alright, then making sure the experiment was done right and so that it followed the method that we wrote down, and then attempting to write the discussion to discuss different parts of the experiment and why the experiment went the way it did - all that jazz. But anyway, I was surprised that I was able to focus throughout the whole period without getting distracted...or distracting myself for that matter.

I’ve really gotta say, reader, I’ve felt wonderful transitioning from Science to French, walking a bit fast to the class, balancing myself as I walked on that wooden plank that’s like a barrier between the bark and dirt and the concrete. French was good, though, it was just normal work, but I had a good time during that period, whether I was distracted or not, it was a good session.

Lunch came by and I finally felt what it was like to sit and talk and laugh with my mates. No talk about secret things happening around the school, no talk about other people, no talk about drama, just talk about random, funny stuff.

I mean, this week has been a great week, reader. Such a great week.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Today At School - Thursday 18th May

Forgot to mention in yesterday’s post - but I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before - I’m learning guitar as part of taking Music as one of my options.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Summary of School Lately...

Okay, I apologise for not blogging a lot about what’s been happening at school, reader. I apologise. I’ve been busy with schoolwork and stuff and really haven’t focused on the blog. And I feel bad about that because that’s kinda out of my character. But anyway, what’s been happening with me lately…

Well, a few months ago (back in Term One) at the beginning of my Music class, my Music teacher (Mr Holmes) asked me if I sing. I didn’t sing that much at the time (well, at least when other people are around, I guess), but I replied with something along the lines of “Yeah, kinda.” Then he asked me to stay behind a bit when the period ended for the break. The thing was, he wanted me to hum some notes that he would play on the piano. I thought I was going to do badly...

But, it turned out that I was doing an (incredibly successful) audition to join the school choir! I mean, isn’t that great? Oh, and I’m a bass singer.

There was also the Sports Day that I’ll actually really literally seriously post soon. And it was QUITE the surprise. But in the meantime, while you’re waiting for this, just remember this: Ngata came fourth last year and that was a bummer start to Year Nine me.

Also, the return of Abraham (alter-ego, but not fully because I want to keep control) marked a bit of a change for me at the start of Term Two (this term) - I started to get out of my comfort zone a little, and the first opportunity to do that was at this dance contest that was hosted by some of the Year 12s. It wasn’t triumphant, and that was to be expected, hardly anyone danced at all. And I was one of them.

Then I realised that I wouldn’t be there on the dancefloor (well, essentially it was the front part of the hall in front of the stage) if Abraham was going to do it. The hair’s on the other side already now (when he was first shown in 2015 I repeatedly had to switch hair sides to get in character), I guess no one would notice the change. And there he was, dancing really...well, I don’t mean to brag (for him), but the crowd cheered at some moments of his turn. Ohh, boy, how that was nice to have that happen.

Oh, and this other time, probably on a Monday last week, Mr Holmes (music teacher) asked me with two other classmates (Connor and Sam, I think I’ve mentioned both of them in a TIL last year) to stay behind. I knew that this was going to be something good, because of that choir story just above here. Turns out, Mr Holmes was asking the three of us if we were interested in being part of the school production!

I mean, wow! But, I mean, the part open means that I won’t really be seen the entire time of the production, but HEY! It sounds so cool! And I didn’t even have to audition!

Ahh, reader, how it’s been so long, and how I’ve spent so long trying to post these little moments about what’s been happening, when all I could’ve really done was just make a post like this, a little summary.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mother's Day '17

Shower your mum with love today, reader, 
she deserves it.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

GBW Coverage: One Week On...

9th May

It's a week since the Great Blogging War between Odrastan and Ustwynsia (translation: between Stanley and Willy) was declared. Many events have occurred to the point where the news coverage has been inundated with countless reports from the front line.

Propaganda popped up in a few reports, with videos of the Ustwynsian leader calling to action being repeated on screens in public, encouraging people to join and help with the soldiers on the front line. Posters have also popped up, in Odrastan, directed at the Ustwynsia Prime Minister.

No word from either side has surfaced - only their actions on the fields, causing havoc amongst the two countries.

Also, Apolsna (Patosina) joined the battle, against both Odrastan and Ustwynsia. After the strike on May 1st, the Apolsna leader had become furious with the two nations. It's been a week of terror for everyone in the three countries, going ahead against each other.

In other news, tragedy has struck the Ustwynsian leader (Willy). That's all we know at this point of time.

Monday, 1 May 2017

GBW: Transcript

Below is the transcript of the phone call shared between Odrastan Chancellor Stanley and Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy.

9:35 pm - News reports all over Ustwynsia state that Apolsna's capital has been struck by a missile launched by Odrastan Chancellor Stanley.

9:37 pm - Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy rings Odrastan Chancellor Stanley, marking the first time they have spoken after the April 18th attack.

9:41 pm - After seven attempts, the Prime Minister reaches the Chancellor.


ODRASTAN CHANCELLOR: I can't believe you had the audacity to call this number! Who gave you this number! All of this is because of you, Ustwynsian Prime Minister!

*silence for three seconds*

ODRASTAN CHANCELLOR: Are you even there?! I'm not wasting my time with you any longer.

*more silence*

PRIME MINISTER: Wait, hello? Wait! What?! I need to speak with you this instant, Chancellor! Hello?! Hello!


PRIME MINISTER: (talking to someone nearby away from the phone) I've lost him, all is lost now. There's only one-

ODRASTAN CHANCELLOR: I was just seeing if you'd stay on the line, Prime Minister...

PRIME MINISTER: (in surprise) Oh, goodness, you're still there! I need to speak with you regarding your recent attack-

ODRASTAN CHANCELLOR: It was not an attack, Willy-

PRIME MINISTER: Yes it was and you bloody know it! You can't get away with it for the second time! I can't let you cause mayhem like this anymore!

ODRASTAN CHANCELLOR: You think that talking me out of my intentions is going to suddenly give me a change of heart? I've got more weapons that I plan to use, and there's nothing anyone can do to prevent any future attacks from happening.

PRIME MINISTER: Fine is settled.

I declare a blogging war.



'Odrastan Leader may start Blogging War' says government official
-May 1st

This just in, a government official from Ustwynsia has released a statement that war is 'highly likely', and that residents in populous cities in Ustwynsia should consider evacuating in case of an attack.

This comes after a week of threats and a war of words between the leaders of Ustwynsia and Odrastan escalated after the missile strike on Ustwynsia on April 18th. At least 560 people have since died from the initial attack or from injuries in the aftermath. Reports surfaced before showing Ustwynsian military training on private beaches, leaving many to speculate whether a war was imminent showing its power and its strength, leaving many to speculate whether a retaliation strike was in the works.

Reports of neighbouring countries beginning sanctions with Odrastan have just begun, after many days of prompting by Apolsna, who has tried to de-escalate the heated verbal war going between Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy and Odrastan Chancellor Stanley.

9:20 pm: A warning siren has been set off in Apolsna amid fears of a missile launched by Odrastan headed for its capital.

9:26 pm: Apolsna Premier Patosina has made a desperate plea for civilians living in the targetted capital to evacuate 'as soon as possible'

9:30 pm: Missile launched by Odrastan has struck the Apolsna capital.