Wednesday, 26 April 2017

GBW Coverage: Brief Introduction...

The following is fictional and is a spinoff of another fictional blogpost series: Blogging War. Characters do not resemble real life people.

Odrastan = Stanley's fictional country
Ustwynsia = Willy's fictional country
Apolsna = Patosina's fictional country
Warmongering strategy 'doomed to fail and lead to mass destruction' says Apolsna Minister of Trade
-26th April

Issues are arising over the handling of Odrastan's missile attack on the Ustwynsian town of Suburta.

A representative of Odrastan gave a warning to the Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy in a press conference earlier today, stating that the Odrastan leader, Stanley, would commence with full out war if retaliation from Ustwynsia occurs.

This press conference comes after an ‘experiment went wrong’ the Odrastanian leader on just as a peace settlement between the two countries was settled in the late hours of April 18th, leaving at least 56 civilians dead and much more civilians in a critical condition. Speculation and rumours circled that the attack may have been deliberate and not just a failed attempt at testing missiles. Ustwynsia Prime Minister Willy released a statement two days later in an interview with The Ustwynsia Paper that retaliation is “likely.” The two leaders have then threatened and bragged with each other about their weapons and their line of military.

“We would be able to destroy Ustwynsia with just three strikes.” stated Stanley.

“Any more missile launches and Odrastan will face total annihilation with not just three but five strikes.” stated Willy.

In other news, Apolsna has begun trading sanctions with Odrastan, and Minister of Trade Tier Tarwen encouraged other neighbouring countries currently trading with the country to do the same. “At this time, we cannot stress how saddened and sickened we are as a country to see an event like this to occur,” Tarwen told reporters. “And to think that the way to becoming superior over the other is to be a warmonger? That is a strategy that’s doomed to fail and lead to mass destruction.

We have begun trading sanctions with Odrastan in a desperate effort to punish the country in a more civilised way. We encourage other neighbouring countries trading with Odrastan to conduct trading sanctions to teach this country that their actions will be dealt with civilised and in the least, humanistic consequences.”

-The Ustwynsian Press

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