Saturday, 22 April 2017

Social Studies: Religion Assessment - "Examining Islam"

Hello, again, reader!

This is my "completed" presentation examining the faith of Islam. Basically I was studying different areas of this religion and had to make a presentation that covered these three areas:

  1. Key features and beliefs:
    -  The deities worshipped
    -   Sacred texts
    -   Important people/figures
    -   Relevant buildings, places, or sites
    -   Ideas about life and death
  2. Explanation (including examples) of how faith is expressed or how it occurs in an Asian setting:
    -   Rituals of prayer and worship
    -   Dress codes
    -   Dietary laws
    -   Social rules and interactions
    -   Important festivals, occasions, and celebrations
  3. Explanation of how faith influences everyday life on people in Asian setting:
    -   Explain what it is
    -   How people show it/carry it out
    -   Why it is important for them
Okay, so you've probably noticed the last half of the list has been struck through...or striked throu-oh nevermind, that's not the point. You see, I was only able to complete the parts of the "list" that don't have the strike going through them. It was really hard trying to find specific information, and then trying to put it into my own words.

But, anyway, I've decided to post what I did so far. Enjoy the presentation!

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