Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Bush

A piece of writing from 2012 that I never posted...

There was once a 20 year old named Guy. He lived in California, America, where the shining sun never went away. Guy was a little boring and ordinary. He hardly did anything besides watch TV and go shopping for food, though he was almost broke. He lived by himself in his one-storey home. He was a lazy pig, sitting around. Sometimes, when he sat on his couch, the shining sun made Guy stick to the fabric. He was jealous about nearly everyone in his family was on the news, except for him.

One day, Guy began to get hungry, like a fox, and there was no food in his kitchen, so, he went outside to go fishing at the nearest bush forest. In the lake, he heard nothing but the sounds of birds flying as fast a jet, but they looked all black, flying individual. “This is SO boring.” Guy exclaimed. He kept fishing. Hours later, he caught a bite. The bite was pulling the line, pulling it until it made the row-boat move. Faster and faster the boat went. “Aaah!” yelled Guy, screaming like a girl. Boom! Boom! Boom! Went Guy’s heart, as he was heading for land. CRASH! Silence. Moments later, Guy became conscious, looking for his boat.

Then suddenly...a big, ugly, monster rose from the big lake. The creature was hissing like a snake, looking at Guy with its bulging eyes, with the line stuck on its lip. “Aaaaah!” screamed Guy, as he was running through the bushes. “I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die!” thought Guy, as he was being chased by the massive monster, who was also screaming, like Godzilla.

Busting down trees, the monster scanned the whole bush forest, looking for Guy. Many more trees were getting pushed, meanwhile, Guy was hiding in one of the bushes. Praying that he would live through this incident. “Please, let me live!” said Guy, looking at the big, blue sky. What did he see? He saw an unidentified flying plane, which looked like the birds he saw earlier, shooting out missiles to the monster’s head. It all sounded like fireworks to Guy when he closed his eyes, thinking about good thoughts, while more ,“drones”, as he would say it, came flying in, trying to make the monster explode into a million pieces. Then...KABOOM!! An explosion was ringing Guy’s ears like a bell. He opened his eyes, and saw small fires across the forest, along with some body parts left over from the mysterious monster. “Whoa!” said Guy, relieved that he survived an unfortunate event.

Before sunset, Guy got a lift back home, and went back to sit down on his couch, acting like nothing happened. He turned on the news, and what was the big story?

“News just in. A lucky fisherman has escaped a monster rampage near a local bush forest. Reports have shown that the unknown monster has exploded, with the help of a couple of drones.”

The End.

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