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Monday 13th March - Today I Learned...

Okay, so the beginning paragraph is a summary of my thoughts while I was sitting in History class this morning.

Oof, the weekend signalled the storm bummer after the warm summer. There’s practically a storm at the beginning of every autumn, isn’t there? There was lots of outages for parts of Auckland during the weekend. There was a power outage at my house for a while, and since the wifi was off I figured I’d go back to reading the novel I got out of the library. There was floods appearing. Gosh, so many bad things over that two day period. Oh, boy...but, the real question here is-

“How was your weekend?” Connor asked me,
“Oh, great!” I replied, “Nothing much happened.” I added, sparking a bit of a laugh, “No water crisis or anything.” Of course I was joking around, and he knew too.
“Oh, the weather was great!” Connor added, with some laughter.

Nice to see some humour in the light of that storm. Apparently Mr. Prentice was stuck in traffic, so much of Period 0 was dedicated (I don’t know if that’s the right word) to working on other stuff or reading. Makes sense, though, traffic in March seems to be the worst. With university students going back and adding more to the traffic and all that. Also, I heard there was an accident or something?

Ah, can’t remember.

To sum it up, Mr. Prentice came in just under half an hour before Period 0 finished and everyone was reading this resource about the Path to War. Oh, I should mention that the class is doing the Origins of World War Two at the moment. I’ve got an assignment due at the end of the month. I’ll explain more in the upcoming posts. Anyway, there was talk on my table about this predicament regarding the word skil-oh, wait. Sorry. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, either.

Okay, so, for English, Mr. Hancock gives the class a list of spelling words, and then gives everyone this activity sort of thing where you’d have to complete short activities related to the words on the list. Here’s a little example:

Make these words into nouns:
-   distracting/________
-   energetic/________
-   notify/_______
Use these words in good sentences:
-   singeing →
-   anxious →
-   ablaze →

There’s a third activity but you kinda get it by now. All that’s left is just the thinking and blank-filling to be done. Anyway, he expects it almost every Monday and, if you don’t complete it (or do a terrible job at it), you get detention. Fair enough. Usually, most students would leave their word skills sheet in their English Workbook. Now, here’s the climax. Everyone gave their English Workbooks to Mr. Hancock on Thursday for him give a grade on. And the English Workbooks had their word skills in them.

So they couldn’t do their word skills homework because it was in their English Workbook.

But, thankfully, I still had my work skills sheet. Thanks to a little thought I had as I was giving my workbook in. Well, might as well take this in, since I won’t get the book back until Monday I thought, or somewhere along the lines of that.

But, to end off this short post (I’m only able to talk about this for today, since talking about the whole day would result in multiple posts), English came later on for Period Four, and Mr. Hancock said that he would postpone the spelling test and word skills deadline date until Thursday.

That’s about it.

Oh, and also, I'm going to be a runner on Wednesday. Just a heads up for a future post.

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