Thursday, 2 February 2017

Thursday 2nd February - Part One - Today I Learned...


So, as I mentioned in yesterday’s TIL, I now have an early morning Level One History class that starts at 8:30am. Now, if you read this blogpost series throughout last year, I often woke up late for school, usually past 8:30am. 10% of the reason why I chose to do the early morning Level One History class was so I would stop thinking that 9:00am was the time I needed to get to school by, and start thinking 8:30am was the time I needed to school by. This then would give me literally no choice but to sleep early and wake up early so I’d properly get ready and leave for school by around, I would say, 8:20am, just to give me more time to get ready for the lesson.

I mean, I succeeded in coming early yesterday.

But today I woke up late (as in, I woke up at around 7:50am) and, well, got to school after 8:30am. Yeah, I was late to my first History class. Dang git. I walked in, apologised a couple of times for being late, and sat all by myself on these tables that were reminiscent of the tall red tables I used to sit on in Room 10, Tamaki Primary, back in 2015. This gif will show you:

So, anyway, I was just sitting there, filling out another one of those forms where you answer questions so your teacher gets to know you better. I tried thinking about it for some questions, like the question: Who are your best friends? I mean, I don’t use that term anymore due to the problem of having a lot of “best friends” when I only need one or two to avoid any unnecessary dramas involving people wondering why they aren’t one of my best friends...if anything, I use the term “close friends”, and I have quite a few…also, there’s this thing where if you meet someone who wants to be your best friend straight away, they’re apparently dramatic and should be ignored at all costs, so...yeah, I ignore that term because of these things. I was filling a couple questions at a time while Mr. Prentice (my Level One History teacher) introduced History (well, I mean, he probably was already introducing the subject, I might’ve came in while he was introducing it), and he went over some rules and expectations, and I think he mentioned the class conduct for History.

Then someone knocked on the door.

It was Mr. Samaseia, who walked in with a student. He looked strangely familiar (lots of things are looking strangely familiar, aren’t they?). Then I was John! John from Tamaki Primary! How weird! Well, it may seem weird to you, reader, because you’ve never really heard about John before, EVER, on this blog, but I can reveal to you this little snippet of me interviewing him in 2014 during the Market Day…

Please excuse the voice, I was just going through some voice changes, all that kind of stuff, okay?

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