Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wednesday 1st February - Part Three - Today I Learned...

Lunchtime came by, and it was so hot during that time I hardly remember what I did. Oh, I can tell you this one thing that happened. I was walking with Royal, trying to find something to talk about, and this group of guys were walking in our direction. One of them was walking in front of the rest of the other guys, and he looked like he was angered or something. I don’t know, but anyway, Royal and I keep quiet and keep walking as they walk by, and all of a sudden, the guy who was walking in front of his group did this little side step at me that some people do to random people when they’re at the point of being close while passing by each other, in an attempt to “scare” the person they’re sidestepping.

Well, I didn’t get scared, so that was probably disappointing for him, and as I took a few more steps, I decided to do this little joke I do with almost everyone that tries to (in most cases, humorously) scare me. While passing by the the group of guys that followed closely behind the guy that sidestepped me, I did this thing where I (out of nowhere) acted startled and quickly said something along the lines, “Oh, crike, that scared me…”
The group of guys noticed the thing I did and did that sound that people make after someone makes a pretty good comeback.


Okay, so the joke was that if a person attempts to “scare” me, right, I (as someone who rarely shows that scared emotion when being intimidated) respond with a deliberately delayed response of exaggerated surprise. They often tell me that I’m faking it when I do that (and I tell them that I am), but they take it as a joke.

Science was the last period of the day. It was very hot in the classroom. This time, I’m in S6 (S Block, Classroom 6, if you didn’t know) with Mrs. Naicker. I was really hot in the classroom. Mrs. Naicker introduced herself to 10E and laid down the expectations, and the layout of the year with all the work and stuff. Apparently, 10E were going to be doing Level One work in Science. And I heard a bit of a note that if it was too much, that basically EVERYONE would go back to doing regular, Year 10 work. I mean, I don’t know if that was the actual message, I was too hot to really keep my focus (sorry, Mrs. Naicker), so that’s what I caught, amid the sounds of these older students taking some desks to the hall. The class did some stuff about motion and I copied stuff off the board so I would look on it later on and figure out what to do.

I mean, gosh, the stakes have really risen higher, haven’t they? Last year it was more relaxed, this year it’s more...more...I-I don’t know...MORE, really...more expectations, more enforcement on manners, more hard work coming later in the year, more learning (I have an early morning class, that’s what I mean by that, which is History, by the way),

Then I realised we had homework.


Well, I don’t know if it was homework, I mean, it was hot in the classroom for a long time. I couldn’t take the heat, so the heat took me. My brain was really fogged up.

Also, reader, if you’ve managed to read all three parts of this day, I’m sorry that it took me three posts to describe my day. I’m trying to shorten these posts to save you (and also myself) time.

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