Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Wednesday 8th February - Today I Learned...

Came a couple minutes late for History. It was around 8:35am, I think. I was preparing for school slower than usual. I try not to rush in case I miss something out. I should at least be grateful that I woke up early without the alarm. Entering History class, there was something about the dawn raids again and looking at a couple of resources and rating them out of 10 for reliability and usefulness.

Mentor time was next. I walked off to S2, and there was no one there. Door was locked. Ms. Quigley wasn’t there. I checked the other two classrooms. No one. I walked out, and began walking to the hall. If no one was in S2, then there would have been an assembly. Turns out I was right, and so I walked in quickly and (almost) quietly. I got a glare from one of the teachers. I mean, gosh, no one told me that there was an assembly happening. I mean, no one. No one at all. No on-ugh, nevermind, anyway, I sat down, and listened to Mr. Milton (Head of Department for Social Studies, I think) end his bit on not believing in luck but in hard work. Then, the assembly finished!

First period: English. I forgot what we did. Shoot. I think the class focused on spelling for a bit, and there was going to be a spelling test on Friday. There was also this thing called “word skills” and it was pretty confusing. I didn’t know if the tasks were as easy as they said they were, or if I was just underestimating the level of difficulty of the tasks.

Second period: Math. Going pretty well, here. Just some mistakes here and there, but otherwise, it went pretty well. Might be because I’m not sitting next to any potential distractions...also, Daniel (I sit next to him, by the way, in case you forgot) did something that I thought was wrong, but in a humorous fashion. Stephanie and this girl (I always forget her name, so I resort to calling her “Princess” for some reason) asked me if I had a calculator. I didn’t, but-
“Daniel has a calculator.” I added, gesturing towards Daniel who was to my right. “Hey, Daniel…” I bega-
“It broke.” Daniel quickly said, interrupting me, placing the calculator down and looking down at his book.
“Oh!” I remarked, starting to laugh. “At the perfect time!”
“Yeah!” Daniel added, laughing a bit too.

The timing was too perfect. That then lead me to thinking that Daniel was lying.

He was. I could tell. And so, being the guy that I am, I made jokes leading back to Daniel lying about his calculator breaking. For example, if the two of us were stuck on a question, I would quip something like “Y’know, I wish I had a calculator, but sadly it broke, didn’t it…”

Or, “Oh, yeah, I had a calculator but it broke. Sorry. Perfect timing, though, right?”

Anyway, that was Math. Break came along, and Marco was back! How weird, as I thought he was going to attend a school in America (he had been there before last year, and I had anticipated it when he didn’t pass Year Nine at the end of last year). I asked him if he was still doing Year Nine work, and he told me that he passed…



But he just came back...welp, it turns out that Marco did tell me, during Morning Tea, on the day before Prizegiving, that he passed Year Nine. But he only told me that once. Compare that one time with the amount of times he told me he was going to America for school since he didn’t pass Year Nine, and hopefully you’ll realise how I thought he was in America. Anyway, gotta move on.

French. Now, we were all still revising over numbers and stuff from French last year. The class is big and there’s always people talking at the wrong time. That’s the only thing that bothered me, reader. Otherwise, the lesson was good, and there was announcement from Mademoiselle Clark that there was a surprise party for Madame Mowat, who was going on maternity leave. It was suggested to bring along some food for the party. Some students were giving off uneasy sounds, suggesting if they didn’t want to bring anything - not because they didn’t want to go, but maybe because of the thought of having a shared lunch of sorts happening so early in the year. I didn’t think that, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being rude, so I had the thought of asking Mum for pizza later on. That’s usually what always comes to mind when thinking of what to get for a shared lunch.

Fourth Period: P.E. It went really well! It was this thing where we went into five groups and then gathered together to connect our feet, and then try to get from one side of the gym to the other, and if Miss Potter saw one foot disconnected from the other, the group would have to start again. At first, it was hard, my group (Group Four) had disconnected a couple of times, and tried some strategies. There was the thought of just running to the other side of the gym when Miss Potter wasn’t looking popping up from time to time. Eventually, a team won. It wasn’t my team, that was for sure.

Next, Miss Potter put Group One, Two, and Three into one group and Group Four and Five into another group. I thought it was quite odd, but y’know, I felt like that was alright. “Four and five, it’s close to my favourite number - number six…” I said, as I walked to my group’s side of the court, helping Zoe get up along the way.
“I didn’t need help, but okay…” she told me, as I realised she put her hand up for something else.
I while waiting for the new group to assemble and make a strategy, I was thinking - my group had an advantage - we didn’t have as many members in the group, so there would be no hassle. Also, we didn’t have either Tyson or Cezar in our group (the other group did), so that was nice. Don’t worry, I’m right when I say that. There was not much time planning the strategy, since we needed to begin moving while the other group were still planning. Off we went, moving very slowly, with the strategy of shimmying our feet and putting one foot on another person’s foot. Oh, boy, it was tense. At one point, Tyson and Cezar came over (I assumed they left their group) and requested to join the group. Almost everyone declined. Moving on, did I mention that this was really tense? Anju (this girl who was in 9D last year and moved up to 10E) would step on my foot (I was wearing socks, by the way, and I was supposed to take them off...sorry…) and Pritesh and I would shimmy our feet up slowly.

There were many moments where we almost disconnected. I could really feel the connection with everyone. Kinda literally. And kinda metaphorically as well. Some of us were holding hands in case someone fell backwards while we were walking slowly forward. We were getting there, reader, we were getting there. The pain, I endured, having Anju’s foot-filled shoe on my foot-filled sock. I was actually sweating the entire time because, gosh, it was tense!

Miss Potter did something really nice as we got closer to the mark. She came to the group and moved the target to a line where it was...well, I can’t explain it, but here…

NOTE: The picture does not accurately recreate the amount of people
in the group.
But yeah, a couple of minutes passed, and it. Together. We got through it together. And it felt good, reader. It felt good. The celebratory cheers from everyone, looking at the other group who was still moving slowly.

Ahh, how it felt nice to be in a winning group.

Fifth Period: Science. Worked on acceleration, and the issue of worksheets and homework came about.

That’s about it for today.

Oh, yeah, sorry for making it long.

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